Day Trips

SHARED Day Trips to the Danube Delta

PRIVATE Day Trips to the Danube Delta and Dobrudja

Dobruja – this mosaic of cultures and civilisations that left behind grandeur and inestimable values. It is spectacularly surrounded by waters, rich in fortresses and archaeological sites; it is adorned with gorges, …

Daily guided boat trips to the Danube Delta

Daily SHARED or PRIVATE Boat Trips to the most beautiful places in the Danube Delta. Our main destinations are: Sontea Canal, Mila23 Village, Letea Forest (and Village), Caraorman Forest (and Village) and Sulina City, to the end of the Danube Delta.

Our strengths:

  • Team of guides with experience in this domain since 2004
  • Boats specially built for tourism
  • Original programs, created and developed by us
  • Programs with fixed price (no hidden charges)
  • We are constantly on the field, we know what changes every day, where birds and animals are