About Us

Since 2004
We are operating Danube Delta Tours by own designed BOATS
A Great GUIDES Team
Made up of locals, well knowledgeable and enthusiastic
We are here 365 days per year
So we know everything what's change
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About Us  |  Our Team

We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team that succeeds each and every time to show the world the beautiful views of the Danube Delta as we see it, fascinating, wild and mysterious.

Our goal is to help you become acquainted with this paradise called the Danube Delta, a realm of special places, people and traditions and, not least, to offer you a safe and unforgettable holiday to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on having a team aiming at exceeding the expectations of our tourists concerning the services supplied, product innovation and professionalism, so that each stay in the Delta could be a truly unique and memorable experience. 

Based on our wish to offer our tourists quality services and out of our love for nature, we have developed partnerships with guesthouses that are located in magnificent surroundings, practising ecotourism. In these 4 guesthouses you will enjoy both very good accommodation and delicious traditional dishes.  

In our day trips, visiting trips, photo tours or kayak exploration tours, we are eager to show you the winding canals, the endless lakes, the peculiar forests and many other treasures of the Danube Delta.   

In our photo tours you will discover marvellous landscapes that one cannot encounter on common routes and you will see how nature perfectly blends into human culture. The forest and picturesque village bearing the name Letea, Sahalin island, Perisor beach, Chilia field, Stipoc ridge, Sulina beach, early-rising fishermen, noiseless kayaks and hundreds of birds – these are just a few of the magnificent shooting subjects in the Danube Delta.

“You can discover much more about someone in one day spent in nature than during a whole year of conversation.” – this is in case you have forgotten that we organise team buildings that are highly appreciated by nature and water lovers.

We are waiting for you to join us in this adventure and to discover the secrets of the Danube Delta!