Birdwatching Tours

2021 Birdwatching Tours

Due to Covid-19 situation, we will not organize SHARED groups for the season 2021. Only PRIVATE groups will be available. Thank you for your understanding.

Danube Delta is the water kingdom and Dobruja is the opposite, dry land of many kinds: steppe, forest, plains, hills, dwarf mountains, sea shore. Imagine how many species of birds you can see!

Danube Delta is rightly called the paradise of birds (and birders) in Europe, as you know, over 360 bird species live or pass through this blessed space. All this program is lead by a specialized bird watching guide.

An exclusive offer from Discover Danube Delta, we give you the opportunity to discover the amazing world of birds in the Danube Delta, in one day, together with one of the best professional birding guides from our team.

Winter Birdwatching Tours

An exclusive WINTER Birding Tour, with a difficult target, The Red-breasted Goose, but targeting also White-fronted Goose, ducks, raptors and passerines. Discover a good part of 160 species of birds wintering in Dobrudja.

Short birding break in Dobrudja, of 2n/1d, with target on Red-breasted Geese and other winter birds, with an excellent guide, starting from Tulcea, Bucharest or Constanta. Discover the winter birds of Dobrudja …

South-East Romania, Dobrudja is an wonderful land if you know when to visit it. Winter is one of the special seasons in Dobrudja, here we can see a lot of geese, including the famous Red-breasted, White-fronted or Lesser …

When you say Dobruja, you think of a mystical land, totally special. But Dobruja it is not only Romania, Dobruja is also in Bulgaria, across the border are places as beautiful as here. Like here, fauna is rich and special …

Birdwatching to the Danube Delta and Dobrudja

Romania is a fantastic place for BIRDWATCHING, the gems of the country are for sure Transylvania and Dobrudja, including the Danube Delta, maybe the last wild place of Europe. With a birds species list of more then 360 species, Dobrudja and the Danube Delta is in Europe’s top places for birding.

Our GUIDES TEAM is happy to show you the wilderness and beauty of this places. Join one of our groups and you’ll discover the amazing nature of Dobrudja and the Danube Delta and their BIRDS.

In our programs you will find Private or Shared tours for birdwatching. Take a look and see which is suitable for your needs.

Our strengths

  • Team of professional birding guides with experience in this domain since 2004.
  • We have local guides from the Danube Delta and Dobrudja, they know the places very well, where and when to search for specific target species.
  • Very good accommodation services and meals on all our programs.
  • All our boats and cars are safe, very well technical fitted.
  • Original programs, created and developed by us.
  • Programs with fixed price (no hidden charges).
  • We are constantly on the field, we know what changes every day, where birds and animals are.
  • More then BIRDS, our guides can help you to discover also beautiful landscapes, mammals, insects and plants (wild flowers).