Discover Danube Delta

Unique experiences in the Danube Delta, Romania



Discover Danube Delta

Because it is an amazing place, maybe the last wild place of Europe. Discover this wonderful place with our team of local guides, by open boats, at a medium and low speed. Join us to explore the Danube Delta’s wildlife in a birdwatching, photo or a discover tour. If you enjoy an active and ecological experience the best way is with a kayak.

About us

We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team that succeeds each and every time to show the world the beautiful views of the Danube Delta as we see it, fascinating, wild and mysterious.

Our goal is to offer our travelers a safe and unforgettable holiday to the highest standards. This paradise called the Danube Delta, a realm of special places, people and traditions it has every year something new to be explored.

We pride ourselves on having a team aiming at exceeding the expectations of our clients concerning the services supplied, product innovation and professionalism, so that each stay in the Danube Delta will be a truly unique and memorable experience. 


  • 5500 – square kilometers (2124 square miles) the surface
  • 1000 – square kilometers has the largest lakes complex, Razim
  • 360 – species of BIRDS
  • 1830 – species of plants
  • 135 – species of fishes
  • 54 – species of mammals
  • 2400 – species of insects
  • 91 – species of molluscs
  • 11 – species of reptiles
  • 10 – species of amphibians
  • 479 – lakes (only lakes larger then 1ha)
  • 1m – is the average depth of lakes in the Danube Delta
  • 20 – strictly protected areas