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Ionut "Caiacea" Iosif

Photo Tours, Discover Tours
I was born and raised in Mila 23, an important detail from my point of view, considering that I am a good connoisseur of everything that belongs to the Danube Delta, routes, birds, areas less accessible by boat, everything related to the beautiful Delta. Member of the team since 2011.

Iulian Seredencu

Discover Tours
I was born in Tulcea but I grew up in the Danube Delta where I fell in love with nature and everything that surrounds it. I work as a guide in the Danube Delta since 2012 and since 2015 I am in the team Discover the Danube Delta because I like and know almost all the Danube Delta, with its lakes, canals and birds.

Dima Marius Cornel

Birdwatching Tours
Marius has been passionate about birds since his teen, when he was visiting his grandparents near Lacul Razelm. In 2015 he embarked on a fulltime guiding career with Discover Danube Delta. He guides many of our Danube Delta tours as well many of Dobrogea Tours. With his great sense of humor and love of birds, Marius has become a highly respected guide.

Iulian "Negru" SMIRNOV

Discover Tours, Day Trips
I was born in Mila 23, in 1993. I was a child in the Danube Delta and with the fishermen of the village I learned to unravel its secrets. The driver's license for a motor boat I obtained at 18 years old, but I started to share from my experience through guidance from the age of 15 years. Member of the team since 2014.


Discover Tours
I was born in Mila 23, in 1974 and since then I breathe the Delta air and drink the Danube water. I started to guide tourists from the age of 14, first in row boats and then in motor boats. I really like the Danube Delta and I like to show it to those who come here. I like to fish and observe the changing nature of the Delta every day. From 2017 I am part of the Discover Danube Delta team and I take care of trips from Mila23 stays.

Cristian ZAHARCU

Day Trips

Office Team

Nicoleta "Pitbull" ALBU

Travel Agent
I joined the Discover Danube Delta team in 2017 and together with them I really learned to discover the Danube Delta. After finishing high school (in 2011) my professional qualification was as a Technical Operator of Calculation Technique and in the agency Discover the Danube Delta I am a Tourist Agent.

Calina Avanu

Travel agent, Discover Tours, Day Trips
Calina is a vibrant, dynamic individual who has been involved in tourism since 2010. She loves the outdoors and is a mountain lover. Calina harbors a special interest in music and nature and often spends her free time enjoying both. She considers herself to be an eternal optimist and loves the challenges of being a travel coordinator – a position that consistently enables her to learn more.

Andreea Zaharcu

Travel Agent
I am Andreea and I was born in the city of Tulcea but from childhood the Danube Delta and everything of nature is has had a very special place in my soul and an essential role. Although until now I have worked in several areas ever since I joined the Discover Danube Delta team (2019) I do what I love and it is wonderful.

Diana Georgescu

Travel Agent

Cornel Leu

Webmaster, Kayak Tours, Photo Tours
Being born in Braila, my existence was marked by the waters of the Danube and its creatures. I started fishing at the age of six, led by a dear uncle, first from the shore, then from the boat. The natural continuation of the row boat was not the motor boat, which cuts off all the pleasure of riding on the water, but the kayak, with which you can slip wherever you think, on the shallow waters.

Iliuta Goean

Birdwatching Tours, Photo Tours
My name is Iliuta and I am a tour leader with a deep love of nature and birding. I started working in the Danube Delta as a professional wildlife guide in 2005 and since then i have developed an excellent reputation, working for my own local business.