PRIVATE Danube Delta Tour in Mila23 Village, with Daily Trips included

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Customize your holiday in the Danube Delta by choosing a private program in which you have the freedom to decide your daily destination. Along with a guide dedicated only to your party, you can discover the authentic Letea, the interesting Sulina, the remote Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George), the fascinating lakes or the picturesque Caraorman.

The first and last day are dedicated to transfers, the rest of the days being dedicated to trips in the Danube Delta. The boat we use is an open boat, with a great view, stable and safe, manufactured according to our concept.

A program proposal looks like this (example of a 4 days / 3 nights program):

Day 1

Meeting at the embarking point | Departure from Tulcea (by boat) |Accommodation to the guesthouse | Dinner | Sunset trip

Meeting and boarding

The departure for this holiday is from Port Tulcea Aval. After you pass the barriers from the entrance to the port, 200 meters straight ahead, there is the pontoon where is written “DEBARCADER PASAGERI” (“PASSENGERS’ WHARF). You can find us on the pontoon in the Souvenir Shop.

The accommodation (check-in) at the guesthouse can be made only after 14:00 and the last hour to leave from Tulcea can vary, depending on the season (at least 2 hours before sunset).

Car parking

  • Personal cars can be parked in Tulcea, right in the yard of Port Aval, in a private, guarded parking.
  • The cost of parking is Euro 5/day/car (parking price is NOT included in the trip price and it is informative).

Transfer and accommodation at the guesthouse

You will go to Mila 23 on one of the most beautiful routes in the Danube Delta. The transfer lasts about 2 hours. Our guide will lead you to the pontoon of the guesthouse you will be staying in.

In the evening, the host will await you with a delicious dinner.

Sunset trip

It lasts 1-2h, depending on the sunset time, each season. The boarding for the trips is made from the pontoon of the guesthouse where you are staying (the same one you disembarked before). Please come at the pontoon 10 minutes before the departure hour, to have enough time for boarding.

Day 2

Schedule of the day (just informative, you can set with the guide the departure hours or the destination of this day):

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30-13:30 – Morning trip on the lakes | 14:00 – Lunch | 16:00-20:00 – Evening trip on the lakes | 20:30 – Dinner

Trips on the lakes

The trip is done on the lakes around the Mila23 village, on 2 sessions of about 4 hours each, one in the morning and one in the evening. Depending on the Danube water level as well as the fresh information we have about where large groups of birds feed on the lakes near by Mila23 village, the guide will choose the best route every day.

Lunch and dinner to the accommodation.

Day 3

Schedule of the day (just informative, you can set with the guide the departure hours or the destination of this day):

Sunrise trip – starts 30 minutes before sunrise | 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure on a trip to Letea | 12:30 – Trip to Letea Forest (by safari car + by foot) | 14:30 – Lunch | 20:30 – Dinner

Sunrise trip

The evening before the trip, the guide will inform you of the departure time for this trip. Depending on the month of your holiday, the sunrise time differs. The trip lasts about 2 hours. Considering that in the morning the weather is colder than during the day, please take a jacket with you.

Trip to Letea Forest

The trip to Letea Forest is a day of contrasts, starting on the water, pass through the desert area of the Letea Levee and reach the Letea Forest. With a route through the northern area of the Danube Delta, very close to the pelicans colony Rosca-Buhaiova, the largest colony of White Pelicans in the world, in 2-2.5 hours until reach Letea village, you will explore a wild, spectacular area. From Letea Village take a safari car and go to Letea Forest. There are about 7 km from the village to the forest, travel by car then on foot about 20-30 minutes, on the route approved by the Danube Delta Administration. See the points of great interest, walk through the fine sand then return to the village for lunch at a local, authentic household, where the hosts cook simple and traditional food. We also want you to see an alternative to Lipavan food, the “hohol” food (Ukrainian), which, although similar, has its particularities. After lunch you’ll return to the boat and go back, over the lakes, to Mila23. You’ll arrive at the guesthouse around 19:00.

Lunch at the local household in Letea

You should know this is not a restaurant and no other dishes can be ordered. Lunch is always based on fish and it is composed of first course (a traditional fish soup), second course (fish with potatoes in the oven) and the famous Letea donuts, as a dessert. The hosts have a very simple service system and can only offer complete menus.

It is a long, demanding trip, so please have the minimum required equipment with you.

Day 4

Schedule of the day:

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Transfer to Tulcea | 11:30 – Arrival in Tulcea, the end of the program.

Transfer to Tulcea

It is the last part of our program and we reserve, especially for this moment, some beautiful places that we want to show you on the way. We disembark at the same pontoon from which we left and we say goodbye.

If you are leaving Tulcea with public transport, we recommend you consider a booking after 13:00.

Other trips:

Besides the trips described above, we still have 3 standard destinations from which you can choose:

The trip to Caraorman

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure on the trip to Caraorman | 20:30– Dinner

Our guide will choose the most beautiful route to Caraorman, depending by the season. From the pontoons in Caraorman you are taken by car to visit Caraorman Forest. After about an hour of visit of the forest and sand dunes, return to the village for lunch at a “hohol” (Ukrainian) household. After lunch, the beautiful sand streets bordered by traditional houses, will guide you on the way to the boat (leisure stroll, approx. 20 minutes). Return to Mila23 village, on a different route that includes lakes and Delta’s channels.

In the evening you are awaited with a dinner based on fish.

The trip to Sulina

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure to the trip to Sulina | 20:30 – Dinner

Navigate on the Old Danube to Crisan and from there on the Sulina branch to the Sulina city. Take a stroll on the streets that still preserve the grandeur of an international port where you will enjoy the 3 old churches, the Jean Bart lighthouse-museum and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and Alexander. Lunch in a local restaurant and then we give you free time to go to the beach. Optionally, you can visit the famous Sulina Cemetery. At 18:00 we meet at the boat and leave to Mila23.

Dinner in the guesthouse in Mila23.

Trip to Sfantu Gheorghe

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure on the trip to Sfantu Gheorghe | 20:30 – Dinner

The trip to Sfantu Gheorghe, a long boat journey from the middle of the Danube Delta till the sea shore, on the Southest branch of the Danube, Saint George. Here you can try a traditional Sturgeon soup on a local restaurant then take some time for a visit to the beach and a tour to the village. At 17:00 we meet at the boat and head back to Mila23.

It is a long, demanding trip, so please have the minimum required equipment with you.

The price of this tour is:

No of pers2 nights accommod / 1 day trips / full board
 VanessaFisherman’s HouseAlexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers620775600
4-5 pers460575450
6-7 pers370465360
8-9 pers350440340
+10 pers340425330
Single suppl506540
No of pers3 nights accommod / 2 day trips / full board
VanessaFisherman’s HouseAlexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers8801100860
4-5 pers660825640
6-7 pers590740580
8-9 pers520650500
+10 pers480600440
Single suppl709065
No of pers4 nights accommod / 3 day trips / full board
VanessaFisherman’s HouseAlexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers115014401130
4-5 pers8601075830
6-7 pers8001000780
8-9 pers670840640
+10 pers620775570
Single suppl9011585
No of pers5 nights accommodation / 4 day trips / full board
VanessaFisherman’s HouseAlexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers145018151430
4-5 pers9401175920
6-7 pers9001125870
8-9 pers8001000780
+10 pers720900690
Single suppl115145105
No of pers6 nights accommod / 5 day trips / full board
VanessaDalmatian PelicanAlexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers180022501750
4-5 pers112014001070
6-7 pers10001250960
8-9 pers9601200920
+10 pers8501065800
Single suppl135170125

Prices are in euro (EURO), per person, per tour and include VAT.

Clik on “Booking request” button and fill up the form. Our agents will process the request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation at the chosen guesthouse, for the number of nights chosen
  • Full board (first day dinner; breakfast, lunch and dinner on trips days; last day breakfast)
  • Boat trips and guide, according to the number of days in the table (the boat and guide are allocated only for your group)
  • Safari car for visiting the Letea forest and/or Caraorman Forest
  • Sunrise trip (one trip/program)
  • ENGLISH guidance
  • Boat transfers, Tulcea – Mila23 and return
  • Fees for visiting the Danube Delta


  • Single supplement, according to the table above

The price does NOT include:

  • Beverages, other than water at the table
  • Any kind transport in Sulina or Sfantu Gheorghe
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)

Children policy:

  • Children aged between 5-12 years pay 75% of the price of the package
  • Children over 12 years old are considered adults
  • The supervision of the children during the holiday rests exclusively with the parents.

*Do not forget that the trips are long, the trip to Letea lasts the full day, we travel by boat, with a safari car and on foot. It can be too much for a small child, especially in the summer when it is very hot.


Accommodation in the Danube Delta, Mila 23

You can choose from the 2 guesthouses, which are exclusively in our network.:

Casa Vanessa 3*  |  Alexandru & Alexandra 3*


You should know some details about seasons in the Danube Delta, please find the posts from our blog:

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Bookings are based on a 30% deposit from the full payment of the program.



Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 757 894 456  |  +40 749 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!