Our Boats for Danube Delta Trips

From the beginning of our activity, we have been concerned about the sustainable aspect of tourism in the Danube Delta, so we have always looked for the most efficient solutions when it’s about  BOATS. We searched for the best balance between the number of people in the boat, the power of the engine and the draft of the boat.

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is an area with a very fragile natural balance, easy to destroy, subjected daily to human aggression. The shallow waters of the Danube Delta, often with depths below one meter, can be crossed by boats with a draft of only a few centimeters, that is to say the boat’s propeller is well above the bottom of the water, that mottled bottom of the water where the insect larvae develop, which is the basis of feeding for fish and birds. There must be space for the fish under the boat and for the birds that dive in front of the boat so that the propeller does not affect them.

Sustainable tourism is defined primarily by activities that involve protecting the natural resource, the environment but also the economic and socio-cultural development of the area, yet maintaining a balance that guarantees long-term development. We are all directly responsible for protecting and preserving the natural integrity of this Delta by following our actions to define the legacy that our children will receive.

Since 2006, we have begun to modify our boats to bring them closer to our needs and desires. In 2008 we built from scratch the first boat (continuing with one boat per year), with the help of a local ship builder, then in 2011 I discovered the current manufacturer of our boats, Corsar Nautic, in Galați. Here we found a very responsive manager to our requirements and together we developed the cruise line CRUISER, since 2020 we use exclusively boats produced by them.

All our boats have the minimum engine recommended by the manufacturer, with propellers and traction transmission groups (not speed).

Open boats

All the boats we use for our trips and tours are OPEN BOATS; it doesn’t have roof, windshield or side walls, so nothing will stop you from seeing everything happening around you at low speed. Pelicans (the stars of the Danube Delta) flying in large flocks, White-tailed Eagles (the largest birds of prey in Romania, flying from above the sky in search of prey), can only be seen from open boats.

You will see everywhere around COVERED BOATS or with side walls. These are boats intended for people transport (speed boats), not for tourism, the total lack of perspective and the speed with which they are operating, is making them unfit for trips.

Out of respect for tourists

We placed the control panels of the boats in the stern (in the back of the boats), so that the guide can see at any time what attracts the attention of a tourist and can handle the boat in such  way as to meet their expectations (birds, flowers etc. observed by the tourist). He can communicate very easily with tourists from the boat, facing them, at the same time seeing where the boat goes.

From the speed boats, in which the driver is in front, the communication is defective, if he turn to speak to the tourists there are high risks of accident.

Models of boats used by us

Corsar 630 OPEN

It is a stable and safe boat that rises up to our expectations. Its capacity is 6-7 (6 + 1) persons on board, in conditions of maximum comfort and safety.

For this model, we chose engine with 40-50 hp (approx. 7HP /persons), enough to go at a decent speed. The draft is very small, about 40 cm, so we can enter even in the areas where the water is shallow in the summer, where the big boats do not have access.

We usually use these boats for private day trips.

danube delta boat trip

Corsar 710 OPEN

Incredibly efficient boats, designed for 12 people, because this is the legal maximum in Romania. We take 11 tourists + guide (driver) on board, in very good comfort conditions. The engine is 90 and 100 hp Yamaha (approx. 8HP /person).

Likewise, they have the small draft and we cross the lakes of the Danube Delta without disturbing the clear water of the lakes, so necessary for the aquatic creatures.

We generally use these boats for group or private day trips (depending on the number of people in the group).

Danube Delta Boat Trip

Corsar 730 CRUISER

Medium – large size boats, which we use especially for multi-days tours in the Danube Delta, taking up to 11 people + guide, including tourist luggage, very stable and comfortable.

We chose engine with 115 hp, minimum for this boat model (approx. 9.5 hp /person, including luggage) and we consider it sufficient for quality tourism.

travel by boat to the danube delta

Corsar 850 CRUISER

Large size boats, which we generally use for specialized groups; photographers or birdwatchers. The generous size of the boat and the banquets allow each tourist to keep their backpack with photo/optical equipment at hand, in safe conditions. Like the Corsar 730, the capacity on board is 11 tourists + guide and large luggage (travel luggage, but also photo and optical equipment).

The engine is 150 hp (12.5 hp /persons, including heavy and bulky luggage).

Interesting about this boat is the fact that the shape of the hull has a surprisingly small draft, which can pass without problems through waters of 40-50 cm.

danube delta day trips