The Sunrise Trip - in our Discover Danube Delta programs

Discover the Danube Delta
in the morning light
At the time
when others are sleeping
Be one of the few
privileged to see the amazing nature
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The guided trip by boat at sunrise is a trip that we, the Discover Danube Delta team, are very fond of. This is a trip where you can see the Danube Delta as very few people get to see.

You could see the Danube Delta in special colours, in a peace that one cannot find at any other time of the day, with the nature’s verve awaking after a night’s rest. You will feel chills with every blow of the wind, each sound of nature, every bird coming out of the dim dawn light or the morning fog. You will see the true face of the Danube Delta, with local (authentic) fishermen taking their fishing nets with fish out of the water, clean the plants out of them, leave the fish in their boats and tend to their daily business.  

This is an offer that is dedicated to those who can wake up very early and really want to see the nature of the Delta in peace. 

We will watch the sun rising from a lake where we will have an entire view open in front of us.

We go on this trip daily from April 15 to October 15, for our turists that have subscribed to our programs from Mila23.

The trip

It starts half an hour before sunrise. We depart from our pontoon in Mila23 and it lasts about 2 or 3 hours, you will be back at your guesthouse for breakfast and you will have enough time to eat and take part in the rest of the programs of that day. We head to a lake nearby on beautiful canals covered in a thick layer of fog, we will see lots of birds and local fishermen taking the fish out of their nets, flocks of pelicans starting to fish at the break of the day, when they are not bothered by boats. We stop in a beautiful place on the lake and we wait for the sunrise quietly, listening to the frogs and birds singing and then we slowly pass along the water lily carpets and admire them opening in the morning light. You will watch everything in a marvellous light, surrounded by nature’s sounds near a tour guide who knows the answers to all your questions about the Danube Delta.  

The route will be chosen by the tour guide, depending on the water level, the vegetation of the lakes and the fresh info we get.

The boat:

The boat used for travelling in the Danube Delta is an open boat equipped with bench seats with backrest and pillows so that you can feel as comfortable as possible, under very good stability and safety conditions. The boat is very clean, and it is used only for tours. Each person on the boat will receive a life jacket.

We depart from our pontoon in Mila23, at the time scheduled the previous evening at dinner. Such time will be different each month, depending on the time when the sun rises.

The time that we have established for departure cannot be changed! We cannot wait for anyone, because the sun doesn’t wait for us and it would not be fair to those who arrive at the scheduled time, as they would miss the sunrise because of late risers.

Please do NOT come with fishing equipment. Fishing is not allowed while the boat moves due to safety reasons for the rest of the passengers. If you want to fish, please pick another package on our website.

Necessary personal equipment:

  • Wind/rain jacket
  • Knitted cap (NOT baseball cap)
  • Long trousers
  • Trekking shoes (not slippers)
  • Raincoat

Please take this equipment instructions very seriously, because mornings in the Danube Delta can be quite chilly and we don’t want you to suffer from cold.


The booking and the payment for this trip are made at the boarding point in Tulcea, on day 1.