The Trip to Saint George - in our Discover Danube Delta programs

The Trip to St George
in our Discover Danube Delta Programs
A Beutiful Route
by boat, on wild lakes and canals
Till the and of the Delta
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This is a long trip; it lasts the entire day and in Sfantu Gheorghe we will take a short break for lunch.  

The route

We leave from Mila23 on the Old Danube up to Crisan village, then we travel downstream on Caraorman canal across an area brimming with shorebirds, pelicans and common spoonbills, then we get further downstream on Puiu canal where we will again see lots of birds, we cross Puiu lake and then we head to Erenciuc lake, which is a special lake with abundant vegetation and water birds. At the end of the lake we will cross a small reservation – Erenciuc alder grove, which is a very interesting area in which the last alders are still standing; we then travel downstream on the Danube, on Sfantu Gheorghe branch towards the village with the same name. We will go and visit Sacalin lagoon, an area for which it is worth crossing the entire Danube Delta. 

Sacalin Island and Lagoon

This is undoubtedly the most spectacular tour you could take in Sfantu Gheorghe. This is where the Delta formation continues with three other small branches and you can see in this place the stages of how a Delta takes its shape. This is also an area that is very important for the migration, roosting and feeding of numerous bird species that are typical for the Delta. One can see here anytime (during the season) many bird species (curlews, stints, woodcocks, plovers, gulls, pelicans, cormorants, herons, spoonbills, avocets, black-winged stilts, ducks, geese, swans etc.), practically all bird species of the Danube Delta can be encountered here, both freshwater birds and saltwater birds. One can get into this area only during the high water periods (during the spring). 

Secalin Island is a strictly protected area and one cannot dock or land on it. It can be visited only by boat.

From Sacalin, if there are no waves, we go out to the mouth of the Danube flowing into the Black Sea, where we will see and experience the sea and then we go back to the village for lunch. As in every place where we take you, we want to offer you the best local dishes. The cuisine star here is undoubtedly the  sturgeon sour soup (storceag), so we have prepared a very good one for you (this is optional), at one of our trustworthy partners.

The journey to Sfantu Gheorghe and the tour at Sacalin last approximately 5-6 hours. The lunch is roughly scheduled for 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., and if you need to eat in the meantime, we advise you to take a snack with you.

We return to the boarding house on a route that is mostly different from the departure one and we will get there in the evening, at around dinner time.