Summer in the Danube Delta

is the season when you can enjoy the NATURE
It's Time to Travel
to Discover the amazing NATURE
Sumer it's magic
just enjoy it!
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Summer is the season when journeys to the Danube Delta are in highest demand. This is very normal, because this is the season of holidays and the time of the year when the Danube Delta is at its best from all points of view.

You can see here lots of birds feeding frantically, as all have chicks to grow and some of them are already big and demand much food.

Water lily carpets cover some of the canals and lakes, water chestnuts have formed other vegetal carpets on which thousands of birds find their food. Common Terns and Whiskered Terns nest here, and you can admire how they feed their chicks.

Pelicans feed in large squadrons and one can see them passing in very large numbers in the morning and in the evening. You can see scoops of Pelicans fishing on the lakes and only very experienced guides know how to get close to them and how much, so that they would not get scared. This way, you can admire them in action, fishing and not only see them flying by because some bored boat driver has chased them away. 

Lots of Herons fish on the banks of canals at this time, when the water is low and they are forced to come to the light, so we can admire them for their agility and elegance.

Geese, Ducks, and Swans chicks have already grown, and you can admire them swimming with their families as they cannot fly yet.   

Temperatures are pleasant for trips, as the heat across the rest of the country is compensated here by the coolness of water and willow shades.

During the summer, you can try without fear to take a bath (maybe you will even want to cool off a bit) or explore the near by lakes from a kayak or canoe.

If you select a package including a trip to Sulina, you can have a bath in the sea as we have made the schedule in such a way that you would have a few hours left for sunbathing on the beach and a bath in the sea.

During the summer, you can sunbath on the pontoon of your guesthouse or even on the boat during trips.