Springtime in the Danube Delta

Springtime in the Danube Delta
is, maybe, the best season for a trip
It's the time for spring flowers
you can find them everywere
It's mating / nesting time
for birds. Amazing and beautiful birds.
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Spring is definitely the best season to visit the Danube Delta.

Nothing compares to a trip to the Danube Delta when the nature breaks through to another one year adventure. The vegetation bursts and at the same time the weather becomes warmer, migratory birds return to their roosting sites and many other Northern species can be seen during their migration, the water level is generally high offering an unusual show of flooded forests in which fish swarm to find a place to spawn.


Ever since March the vegetation on the banks starts coming to life timidly, while leaves start to appear on trees, as well as grass and spring flowers on the soil.

In April one can enjoy a show of shades of yellow, as the blooming of grey willows is closely followed by the blooming of yellow irises. The first water plants start to appear.   

In May everything is green already and the common reed and reed mace are growing. In the second half of May water lilies are blooming and the banks are already full of spring flowers.


All birds are in high spirits, both those that stayed for the winter in the Danube Delta and those coming here to roost or are just passing through. Males already have their nuptial plumage on, which is the most spectacular plumage of the entire year. Their entire interest is directed towards mating and building their nests and we can get much closer to them than usual in order to see them better and study their behaviour or photograph them. The stars of the Delta, the pelicans, are also present: the common pelican coming from Africa, hungry now, gather in large scoops to feed and the Dalmatian pelicans already bring food to their small chicks that have hatched.

One can see about 200 bird species in the Danube Delta during the spring, i.e. during their migration.

Why spring?

  • During the spring, birds are migrating, and you can see lots of Northern species heading towards their roosting sites in flocks.
  • During the spring, birds have their nuptial plumage on, which is entirely spectacular.
  • During the spring, male birds sing to call their mates.
  • This is the time when birds do their courtship dances and some of them are very spectacular.
  • During the spring, vegetation comes to life and we assist to the nature’s true shows: the budding, the blooming, the growth of Delta tree and shrub foliage.  
  • During the spring, yellow irises are in full bloom, as well as grey willows, water lilies, summer snowflakes and other flowers that cannot be admired in very many places.
  • Spring in Letea Forest is a bit of heaven, with carpets of wild orchid blooming on swamp meadows (we know where :-)), desert vegetation is in full expansion and free stallions guard their groups of mares strictly, displaying their qualities in full force.
  • There are no mosquitoes during the spring.
  • The spring is the time of annual fishing ban, which means that boat traffic is very low, it is very quiet, and the nature is not bothered by any noise.
  • Natural floods happen during the spring; this phenomenon is highly beneficial for the nature of the Delta and this allows us to explore very spectacular areas that are not accessible at other times.
  • During spring, fish come out to “fight” i.e. to spawn and we can now see real water monsters in waters that are only a few centimetres deep.
  • In the spring, common pelicans arriving from Africa are starving and they make real shows fishing in large groups, without being bothered by boats getting near, if they are steered by experienced tour guides who know how to get closer without scaring them off or causing them distress.
  • During spring, temperatures are very appropriate for trips; it is neither cold, not hot but just fine for an open-boat trip when one can hear the birds singing, the perfume of flowers and the warm spring breeze.

A trip to the Danube Delta in the spring is definitely going to be a revelation for you on the image of the Danube Delta, as it is different from how one knows it from books and stories.