Proposed Routes for Kayaks and Canoes

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For canoe or kayak tours in the Danube Delta, starting from the Mila23 village, we propose 6 routes, with distances between 5 km and 27 km, that can last from 2-3 hours to a full day.


  • The times displayed are only ESTIMATED, calculated by paddling relaxed, with short breaks. Each one paddles in its rhythm and the weather conditions are also an important factor that must be taken in consideration (the wind direction, from your front or from behind, can be helpful depending on your chosen route).
  • The proposed routes were realized on different times of the year. Depending on the level of the water/wind or reed islands, some small canals may (temporarily) be impractical in some periods.

The files for download are in .gpx format and can be opened with the OSMAND application (for OSMAND there is a free version but also a PRO one that must be paid).

The advantage offered by this application is that once downloaded a map, you can use it offline. It doesn’t matter where you will get in the Danube Delta, whether or not you have signal on the mobile phone or internet connection, the map and positioning will work anyway.

Do not forget! Secure your phone with a waterproof case!

We recommend installing this application before you arrive as well as downloading the maps (via wi-fi connection). For the maps you need some space in you mobile phone/tablet. Files with routes have 3-4 kb, it does not take up much space. Familiarize yourself with the application at home, learn how to use it (it is very simple) to avoid consuming the battery while you already are in the kayak/canoe.

Proposed routes:

1. Mila23 – closed branch

Length 5-6 km; Timing 2-3h; Difficulty: Low

It is the perfect route to start a tour, it can be made lightly in the morning, relaxed paddling. The trees plus the vegetation are protecting this area from the wind (currents are very low in this area).

Download: Route no 1

2. Mila23 – Canal Mos Fidot – Varsina

Length 10 km; Timing 4-5h; Difficulty: Low

A very good route for a half a day or even a day tour, in a super relaxed way where you have enough time to deviate from the route, to study flowers and birds, to take a generous break at lunch.

Download: Route no 2

3. Mila23 – Canal Mos Fidot –Ligheanca Lake – Varsina

Length 13 km; Timing 6-7h; Difficulty: Low – Medium

This is a route a bit more complex than the first ones, very beautiful, with wild places, symbolic for the Danube Delta. It is a one-day route but you can also take a generous break at lunch.

Download: Route no 3

4. Mila23 – Cazanel Lake

Length 15 km; Timing 8-10h; Difficulty: Low – Medium

 A long one day route, that can be done both with kayaks and canoes, where you will see beautiful areas near the Mila23 village and the Cazanel Lake, a lake that cannot be accessed sometimes in summer with motor boats due to the low water level, so it offers a quiet area full of waterfowl.

Download: Route no 4

5. Mila23 – Bogdaproste Lake

Length 20 km; Timing 10-12h; Difficulty: Medium

A route that crosses only wild, beautiful areas, with breathtaking landscapes.

Download: Route no 5

6. Mila23 – Misu’s fisherman settlement (Miazazi Lake entrance)

Length 27 km; Timing 12-14h; Difficulty: Medium

  Probably the most complex route on this list. It is a perfect day trip, with departure as early in the morning, to enjoy the peace before the motor boats are leaving, to cross canals and lakes extraordinarily beautiful, to the North, with a stop at lunch at Misu’s fishermen settlement, a fisherman from Mila23 which has its fishing spot in this area. The return way is against the current, so we recommend you to take in consideration that you will need more time (save time from the first part of the tour for this one).

Download: Route no 6