Mila23 Village - 10 Points in Favour

Mila23 Village
The fishermen's village in the middle of the Danube Delta
Another world
Completely different from what you see in cities
An Island
surrounded by nature
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Many friends and tourists keep asking me why we have chosen precisely the Mila23 village as the core of our operations in the Danube Delta.

The answer is very simple, the Mila23 village is generous with a large number of factors that no other village in the Danube Delta could possibly provide.

10 pluses in the favour of the village Mila 23

  1. It is surrounded by water and one cannot reach this place by car, which means you won’t have to make your way through the masses of regular tourists that keep flooding the villages on the bank, where one can get by car. This is a destination for those who want to really feel the Danube Delta. Here one can still stroll on the narrow dirt or tiled alleys and no one can bother others honking their car horns. Unfortunately, many villages along the branches Chilia and Sulina have been invaded by cars because of the use of ferries. It is not very pleasant to hear some dimwit honking in front of your window at 3 a.m. or eat in the evening on the terrace and collect the dust from all the cars that would pass by. 
  2. It is located on the Old Danube, a distributary branch on which there are no heavy ships, but only boats and small ships. One cannot find anywhere else the peace and unpretentiousness present here. This area is extraordinary for boat trips and especially for kayak and canoe tours because there is no heavy traffic here.   
  3. This place is located in the very middle of the Danube Delta – on the one hand it is not too close to Tulcea so it cannot become full with casual tourists and on the other hand it is not too far, which would mean that it would be a real pain to get there. The ride to this place can be a trip (it depends with whom you come here :-)). 
  4. This positioning also offers lots and lots of opportunities to go on trips. One can get from here, on a one-day trip, to any point of the Danube Delta. From the entire Delta, it is only Mila23 and Crisan that offer such a wide array of tourist destination opportunities. Practically one can travel each day on a different route, for a week, without repeating any trip or getting bored. 
  5. The access routes to this village vary and they are also efficient. Those who want to move fast can start their journey on Sulina branch (which is navigable) where the village Gorgova is located and from there they can travel straightforward to Tulcea. OR, another choice for those who want to explore nature would be to travel on our favourite route, “crossing the pond” as people say here, i.e. only on small and beautiful canals with a very natural aspect.
  6. This is the place where the northern area of the Delta begins, which in my opinion is the most beautiful and wild area. The access is very easy from Mila23 to this wonderful area.
  7. This is where one can still see traditional Lipovan houses, old men with beards that are so authentic.
  8. The history of the village is very beautiful, and it carries a special touch because of the great kayak and canoe champions coming from here. The most well-known of them is obviously Ivan Patzaikin.
  9. The “Platform” that was built during the years of communism, which is an artificially elevated area on which this village was built, ensures proper protection against flood water. During the spring, when the water level rises and other villages are half flooded, we can still run our programs here.
  10. From the point of view of fishing, we must tell you that this is a fishermen’s Mecca. One can get from here to any kind of area: on the Danube (Sulina or even Chilia), on the Old Danube, on the lakes, or on small canals. This is an area that is favourable for fish migration and this is the reason why this is the area with the most intervals that are appropriate for fishing during the year.