Holbina 3 Bibani Resort

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Holbina – 3 Bibani (3 Perches) is the ideal place for pike fishing, if you want to catch large specimens. It is the ideal place to take your child fishing, in nature, in adventure.

Discover an unique place in the Danube Delta

A refined location, ideally located between Dunavatu de Jos and Lake Razim, offers its visitors an area of ​​more than 1200 ha of nature protected and cared for with great passion. It is one of the few places in our country where you can catch pike over 1m.

The resort has 13 buildings, with a total developed area of ​​2,796 square meters, with a total accommodation capacity of 58 persons and has a nice and large restaurant that can accommodate 60 guests. Two pavilions for organizing events, swimming pools, jacuzzi, piers and even a heliport are some other elements that are part of this unique place.

The 2 outdoor swimming pools, for adults (depth 1.7m) and for children (0.7m) are served by 20 sunbeds. In addition to the swimming pool dedicated exclusively to them, children can enjoy a variety of toys.

Among the facilities of the complex are 25 kayaks, which offer the perfect opportunity to explore nature in a unique way. The shallow waters, protected from strong currents and areas rich in fish, also attract many species of birds that are much easier to observe when they are not scared by boat engines.

Accommodation capacity

The main building has 10 double rooms and an apartment. All rooms are on the ground floor and have en-suite bathrooms and access is through a common lobby. The secondary building has 5 double rooms, each with a separate entrance and a private bathroom The restaurant building has 3 double rooms, each with separate entrance and en-suite bathrooms. The annex building has 2 apartments with two bedrooms each.

Room facilities: air conditioning, TV, WI-FI internet

Discover a great fishing location

Holbina Trei Bibani is a fishing paradise, an area designated by many bloggers as the best pike catching place in Europe. It is no coincidence that Holbina is the place where the international competition “World Pike Fishing Cup” took place for years.

The complex offers 20 boats equipped with 2 engines, one thermal and one electric; ideal for fishing.

The restaurant

During your stay you can taste both fish specialties and traditional dishes. Meals are served in the “menu of the day” system, but alternative options can be provided upon request. It is very important to announce this at least one meal in advance. A vegetarian menu can be offered on request, if it is announced at the time of booking. Access with food and / or drink from outside the resort is not permitted.

Price list

If you can’t find a fishing trip or program that fits the dates or number of days you want, you can request a private program.

All private programs will include accommodation, meals and desired activities. When you book, we need to know what you want to do, to have all the necessary elements ready.


  • Single room – 130 euro/night (breakfast included/one adult);
  • Camera dubla – 140 euro/night (breakfast included/two adults);
  • Apartment – 170 euro/night (breakfast included/two adults), the breakfast for the 3rd person is 12 euro, for children 6 euro.


  • Lunch – 32 euro/person;
  • Dinner – 32 euro/person;
  • Children under 7years (6.99) are free;
  • Children 7-12 years pay 75% of the price;
  • Children over 12 years are calculated as adults.


  • Boat for fishing in the enclosure – 210 euro/day;
  • Boat driver – 45 euro/day;
  • Fishing guide – 100 euro/day.


  • Group of 1-3 persons – 120 euro/boat/one way (240 euro/boat Dunavat – Holbina and back);
  • Group de minim 4 persons – 60 euro/person (Dunavat – Holbina and back).

Photo gallery Holbina – 3 Bibani.