• Winter Tour in Dobruja - Searching for Red-breasted Geese - PRIVATE program

Dobruja is an wonderful land if you know when to visit it. Winter is one of the special seasons in Dobrogea, here we can see a lot of geese, including the famous Red-breasted Goose, Whooper Swans and many raptors. Winter is an exceptional season for birders and photographers in Dobruja.

Best time: Red-breasted Geese are here from late Novemver until early March. Best time is December 1st – February 25th.

It's an winter tour, a combination of photography and birdwatching tour. We have with us both, cameras and binoculars / scopes. If we can't get close enough to the birds for (photo) shooting, we just enjoy their presence and see them through binoculars or scopes.

Dobruja is a fantastic place, especially in winter. Thousands of geese wintering here, sleeping at night on the lakes and swamps of the Danube Delta and grazing on day light on fields cultivated with cereals. Besides, a lot of other birds can be seen here in winter. We're constantly looking to see and Buzzard of all kinds, Long-eared Owl, Nutcrackers, White Tailed Eagle, Spotted Eagle, Troompet Swans, Tits, Goldcrest, Bramblings and plenty of other forest birds. Now with the leafless forest, birds are very easy to see.

Our tours can take from 4 days / 3 nights to 7 days / 6 nights.

A proposal for the program of 4 days / 3 nights looks like:

Day 1 - We meet at Tulcea and you check in to a good 3 *** hotel. In the evening we have a technical meeting and discuss the program the next day.

Days 2 and 3 - At 6:00 we depart on field to see birds, our route will be established based on our fresh infos on the field, we travel by our minibus (8 places). We scan fields for geese, especially Red Breasted Geese and other winter birds. We'll search for feeding, preening or sleeping spots.

We have the lunch with us and we'll eat it ouside, in a nice place and in the evening we have the dinner at the hotel, in the same time we'll take conclusions over the day and we plan the next day program.

For longer tours, all days will be the same program, different will be only the route. Of course, we'll insist also on other species of birds.

Day 4 - After breakfast we say "Goodbye" and head home.

Accommodation in Tulcea

It is done in a 3 *** hotel in double rooms. We collaborate with the best hotels in Tulcea and know exactly where to accommodate according to our program.

Breakfast and dinner are in the restaurant and we will take lunch to go.


We move with an 8 +1 minivan (up to 6 pers) or 4X4 car (up to 3 pers), well maintained.

Day tours

Runs from 6 am to sunset. We drive on roads or not, the decision to cross a field belongs exclusively to the driver and will be taken depending on weather and road conditions (mud, ice, etc.).

Usualy we go on the fields, scan for flocks of geese and then we find a good spot with the sun in the back and watch what happens. Is it possible to travel on foot, over relatively short distances to access a place where we can not reach by car.

If the weather gets worse (snow or fog), guide and / or driver can interrupt the tour. Customer safety is first, we always want to make sure that we can get back to town without problems.

The price of this program is:

No of pers Nof of days
4d/3n 5d/4n 6d/5n 7d/6n
1 870 1,200 1,600 1,950
2 490 690 890 1090
3 390 530 690 800
4 325 445 565 685
5 300 415 530 645
6 260 360 460 560
No of nights of accommodation 3 4 5 6
No of day tours 2 3 4 5

Price is in EURO, per person and include VAT.

The price includes:

  • 3* hotel accommodation in double rooms for the number of nights selected
  • Meals (starting with dinner in the first day, exit with breakfast in the last day, you have all meals included)
  • Day tours in Dobrogea by car, for the number of selected days
  • Guide for the day tours


*For 1,3,5 pers group, a single is included in price.

Price does not include:

  • Drinks at the hotel bar
  • Other services or products not specified in the program

Airport transfer:

We can do the transfers from Bucharest or Constanta (also Airports) to Tulcea and back.

Route No of persons

1 to 3


4 to 7

(8+1 Van)

8 to 19


Bucharest - Tulcea 200 300 500
Constanta - Tulcea 100 125 300

The price is in EURO, per ONE WAY, per CAR (NOT per person).

* NOT included in the package price!

** For other places of pick up, please request a price.


Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com   | Phone: +40 757 894 456


Bookings are made on the basis of a deposit of 20% of the package price. The price difference will be paid to the hostel on arrival.

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and condition

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Winter Tour in Dobruja - Searching for Red-breasted Geese - PRIVATE program

from 260 euro/pers

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