Wildlife Photo Tour to the Danube Delta, 4d/3n, HB, SHARED 2020


Wildlife photography tours, 4days/3nights, in Danube Delta, at Mila23 village. These tours will be led by the best team of guides in Danube Delta.

These are tours dedicated to professional photographers, who want to discover and photograph the rich fauna of Danube Delta. This package includes 2 full days of boat trips plus the two trips from Tulcea to Mila23 and return.

It is a photography tour, with flexible routes according to Danube Delta conditions, weather, water level or any other field information. Also, we can adapt the schedule according to bird flocks spots, the species of birds you would like to see or other types of attractions you want to photograph. We can spend more time in one place, track and photograph different birds and/or animals.

We are going with up to 4 people on a boat that has 4 double bench seat (one person per line of seats) and a camouflage system. This way you have space to shoot in both directions, you can open a tripod on hide sessions.

This is not a leisure tour but a tour in which we focus 100% on taking photos. Mainly we will be tracking birds and wildlife but we can devote a little time for the landscape beauties offered by Danube Delta. This trip is for professional photographers who want quality pictures. We will stay focused on our subjects and we won’t miss any opportunity. There will be 2 types of photography sessions, one from a moving boat, and one standing still, under camouflage, with good lighting, waiting for the perfect moment to take an amazing shot. In this 2 days we will explore diverse habitats, we will always seek new species of birds and animals for you to photograph.

The program is as follows

Day 1: Departure time from Tulcea, from Port Aval – Tulcea, is at 16:00. We wait for you half an hour before this time, in order to fix payments (if any) and other details. We will go to Mila23 and check in at the guesthouse. The transfer takes 2-2,5 hours. During the transfer, we have enough time to talk about our route, Danube Delta peculiarities, nature photography, rules and behavior in a natural reserve and the program for next two days.

In the evening, the host will wait for you with a traditional dinner based on fish (if you have any food restrictions, please let us know when you make the booking).

The trip to Mila23 is on a very beautiful route, full of photographic subjects; the twilight is perfect for the route to Mila23. We will not travel on the Danube but on small canals and wild lakes, constantly looking for new subjects to photograph.

Days 2-3: Our trip into the Danube Delta will begin early in the morning, before sunrise, to catch its magic light and birds that begin to feed. The morning tour takes about 5-6 hours and we will have the breakfast to go. After the morning session, we will return to the guesthouse to have some rest. With 4 hours before sunset, we will start for the evening session. We will start looking for photographic subjects around Mila23 village; the trip will be planned according to water level and current information about group of birds in the area. We will travel to different places in Danube Delta, the routes being decided on a day to day basis, depending on weather conditions, water level and fresh information we have from the field. After taking our last shots in the dusk, we come back to the accommodation. Don’t forget to download your photos and recharge your batteries!

We will be looking for the stars of these places: Pelicans, both the White and the rare Dalmatians. Of course, we will be looking for any kind of bird, starting with the common Little and Great Egrets, Gray, Purple, Yellow, or Night Heron, the agile Kingfisher, the majestic White-tailed Eagle and noisy Coots. We will also look for surf birds or birds that look for food in muddy stretches: Godwits, Spoonbills, Ibises, Ruffs, Stilts and others.

Of course we will not neglect the mammals, we will always seek to find the playful otters, the cautious wild boars, the elegant roe deer, the funny muskrats or the beautiful raccoon dog.

Breakfast is to go and we will have it on boat. Lunch is optional (you can order it to the guesthouse). Dinner is at the guesthouse.

Day 4: After a relaxed breakfast (8:30 a.m.), this time without sunrise session, we will return to Tulcea, but now, in the morning, we will have the best light for this route. This is a good chance to have good pictures from the fantastic Danube Delta. Around 12:00-12:30 you will be back to Tulcea and end our tour.

Dates and price for this program in 2020

1 Oct - 4 Oct
Fully booked

The price is per person (accommodation in a double room), per tour, it is expressed in euro (EUR) and inclusive VAT.

For booking, click on the number of available places (with green dot) and fill up the form. Our agents will answer to you with confirmation and payment details.

Optional features

  • Single supplement  100 euro/room/program

The price includes

  • ENGLISH guidance (guide member of APGDD)
  • Accommodation (3 nights) at 3* local guesthouse in Mila23, in double rooms with bathroom en suite
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner; dinner on Day1; breakfast and dinner on Day2 and Day3; breakfast on Day4)
  • Transfers by boat from Tulcea to Mila 23 and return
  • Boat (2 full days, including guide and gasoline)
  • Fees for visiting the Danube Delta

Not included

  • Beverages, other than water
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)
  • 100 euro/pers/program single supplement

Airport transfer

We can do the transfers from Bucharest Airport to Tulcea

  • 1-3 persons – 150 euro/one way/car (by sedan car)
  • 4-7 persons – 250 euro/one way/car (8 places minivan)

Bookings are based on a 20% deposit from the full payment of the program.

Booking request form

Please click on BOOKING REQUEST button and fill up the form. Our agents will process the request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.


You can pay online, by card, by PayPal or by wire transfer.

Your accommodation for this photo tour is made in double or single rooms (by your request), in one of our exclusive locations in Mila23 Village, Danube Delta, depending by our availability.

All the guesthouses are 3* rated, have small capacity (7-8 rooms), owned and run by locals, offers autenthic local food.

All room has en-suite bathrooms.

Meeting and boarding

The departure for this tour is made from Port Tulcea Aval. After you pass the barriers from the entrance to the port, 200 meters straight ahead, there is the pontoon where is written “DEBARCADER PASAGERI” (“PASSENGERS’ WHARF). You can find us on the pontoon in the Souvenir Shop.

To complete the payments (if any) and the communication regarding the boat you will be traveling with, we are waiting for you with 15 minutes before the departure time. The boarding will be done according to the instructions of our staff. You will be called out and you will be indicated the boat you are going with. Please do NOT board on the first boat you find at the pontoon, as several companies board from this place and you risk getting to another location.

Car parking

  • Personal cars can be parked in Tulcea, right in the yard of Port Aval, in a private, guarded parking.
  • The cost of parking is Euro 5/day/car (parking price is NOT included in the trip price and it is informative, as it can be modified by the port administration, without notice).
  • For parking spaces no bookings are made and the number of spaces is limited.

Being a SHARED program, this means the whole group goes with the same car / boat, at the same hours (hours detailed in the program). Please be on board at scheduled time for both.

Your failure to board, at the appointed time, means losing the day / stage of the trip. In this case, the cost of the trip or transfer is not refundable and we do not have the obligation to offer another boat.

This trip is done with an OPEN BOAT

The boat we are using for this photo tour has been built specifically for this activity and it’s not an adaptation of a boat for other activities. The boat is very stable, it has a lot of room, equipped with trhee or four benches (depending by the number of photographers) with backrests and pillows. All tour participants will change places between them during the photo sessions, so each one of you will be seated at a time, on the first or last bench.

All photographers will be sitting on the benches facing the direction of travel, with a very high freedom of movement and the field of view unobstructed. The height at which you can take pictures is 40cm above the water; you will look the pelicans straight in the eyes.

The boat is equipped with camouflage (camouflage netting stretched over a metal bar). When we will be waiting for birds under camouflage, every photographer has an opening through which the camera lens can be taken out.

Please take into consideration that camouflage will be used only when we’re waiting. We will not go on tours with rised camouflage.

Our photo tours are made at low speed, we will not be chasing birds, we will not race. The guide knows very well what to do when you need to take a picture and will put the boat in a position favorable for everyone.
If we encounter bird flocks spots, we will stay anchored or tied to the shore until we exhaust all desired topics; we are not limited to achieving a certain route.

The boat has the ability to travel at higher speeds (25-30 km/h) but we will only travel this speed only between photographic locations and only on major canals or deep lakes. In this way, we are able to maximize the available time for taking photos. In the morning, we can quickly reach our shooting spot, in the evening we can stay until dusk, without worry that midnight will catch us on the way back and in case of bad weather, we can quickly get back to the guesthouse.

  • Photo equipment; we recommend a minimum of 300mm lens (possibly a converter too), plus other smaller lens for landscapes or macro shots
  • Plenty of storage space for your photos
  • An abundance of batteries. Because we will leave in the morning and come back at lunch, you will not have access to outlets for battery charging or downloading memory cards
  • Special backpack for you photo equipment ( waterproof or rain covered )
  • Tripod or monopod
  • Raincoat
  • Insects repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Season appropriate clothing, long robes are mandatory, trousers, shirt and a sun hat or you will get a sun burn. Clothing with colors close to nature are recommended; red, white, yellow and blue are to be avoided
  • Sunglasses



Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 749 120 009

+40 759 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!

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