Types of Trip Boats to the Danube Delta

Types of trip boats (or not) from the Danube Delta

  1. Open boat – for trips

There are boats from which you can look around in any direction (less down :-)), you can see everything, you can smell the flowers, the willows, the pond, they are boats dedicated to those who really want an authentic experience in the Danube Delta , those who really want to discover it and see as much as possible.

With a small reserve, I met people who have insisted that they want 100% authenticity and want to go with a local, traditional fishing boat (lotka). My dear clients, that traditional fishing boats (lotka) are for fishermen only, for those who are born with the sense of balance in the boat or develop it as a child. An inexperienced man will overturn in such boat. Of course, there are also more modern types of Lotka, flat bottomed and built for motor use, which are much more stable than the traditional ones.

Do not forget! Authentic is beautiful, but not underwater!

I pointed out the advantages of open boats, the disadvantages are the classic ones.

From the beginning we used only boats for tourism, open boats, from which you can see everything around you, both the wildlife on the shore and the birds in flight. The ones who goes in covered boats, they have no idea how many wonders pass by them and they do not know, how many flocks of pelicans in their majestic flight have lost, how many other birds could not see because of the roof.

What about rain?

If it is raining, it is in nature, outside, outdoor, in the wild, on water, it is not like in the city when you can get in the car or you can enter the mall. But I also have good news, the raincoat  was invented, that thing that I still recommend at the end of each program written on the site. The rain has also its charm on a nature trip, even if the Danube Delta is the area of the country with the lowest annual total amount of rain.

What about the sun?

Most of the time it is sunny in Danube Delta, especially during the tourist season but there are also sun hats, sunglasses and blouses with long sleeves (for very sunny days) and so you can go with an open boat without a roof who would destroy visibility.

More, only a simple sun hat can offer you good protection.

  1. Covered boat / cabin / windshield

Yes, the tarp will protect you from rain (in those 3 days with rain from a tourist season), from sun, from beautiful images or from the fluff that can enter in your eyes. The boats equipped with tarp will not keep you out of the rain (the air currents will carry rain splashes and you will still get wet).

  1. Diesel boats

Honestly, I don’t see any useful part of these boats. Are ugly, cumbersome, slow (too slow even for my taste, which I am a tough enemy of speed on the water) and extremely uncomfortable. Only few such boats have enough seats, in comfort conditions, for the number of people on board, all the aspects mek it not suitable for an unusual customer with a boat.

  1. Big ships

They are intended for a particular segment of tourists: large groups (one / two buses) that can board in a single ship together with the guide / group leader / translator, the elderly or the disabled, who will move harder and will be very uncomfortable for them to get on or off a small boat.

Going on a big ship trip in the Danube Delta is like saying you saw the mountains, from the plane.

I just hope everyone will see the informative part of this article and no one will feel offended.