Trip to Letea Forest - under Discover Danube Delta programs

Trip to Letea Forest - under Discover Danube Delta programs

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Letea Forest is a great tourist attraction, you can not say you visited Danube Delta without visiting this unique wonder in the world.

Alternate strips of desert vegetation specific to these areas and stripes of ancient oak forest and meadow with specific vegetation of subtropical forest, Letea Forest is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe. Besides the 10 species of orchids, asparagus and other subtropical plants we can see poplar, ash, linden and other trees.

Wild horses from Letea are certainly a special attraction of this natural reserve, the first one in Romania. On all our tours, we try to find free herds grazing on the meadows and woods and to make acquaintance with the wonderful animals.

Onsite, our guides will tell you many other stories about this place.

Our program starts with Letea village, the village with the traditional aspect of the Danube Delta. It still resists many houses built in the local architectural style, clay, wood and reeds, painted and decorated in the style Lipovan and Haholi.

From Mila23 or Crisan villages, where you are accommodate, we go to Letea Village by boat, on a very nice trip. From here we change the boat with a 4X4 car and go to the woods, out of respect for nature, we do not enter by vehicles in sensitive areas but leave them to a point where we can get quite easy to sand dunes which we admire on foot, we search for elders oaks of the forest and we'll tell you the story about their weird look then we go back to the car, on another route, to show you also other rare plants. Depending by the season, the walk can vary from 1 to 2 or 2.5 hours, in August is not a pleasure to walk more then an hour on the hot sand. In Spring and Autumn, the walks can be longer because the temperatures are lower and the nature show is impressive.

Points of interest:

Tarla Popii - Here we can see two of the oldest oaks of the forest. Although there are stories older than 1000 years old oaks, scientific studies have shown to have 300-600 years. On the oak forest, inside survived long lianas (Periploca graeca) and climbing plants who gave a very special aspect to this place.

High Dunes - to Hasmacul Mare are the highest dunes in the area (they had 13 meters before the tourist invasion). Beyond this, yopu can see a spectacular landscape, with lines of ofrest and lines of desert which give the unicitu of this place.

Small dunes - Are closer to the road, can be accessed easily, you have less than 10 minutes walk from the road to them. Also here lies spectacular scenery behind the dunes.

Omers's well - In the past here lived a Turk with this name and the traces of his house (hut) of still can be seen near the fountain.

What we see in Letea

In Spring - Carpets orchid lie down in green pastures, everything is green and growing giving us an optimistic note throughout the trip. Wild horses graze fresh grass, happy after tough winter has passed. We can see the stallions fighting, even first foals who walk with their mothers.

Pleasant temperatures allow us to explore these unique places, photographing various species of orchids in both ,meadow and forest shade (depending on species), our guides will show you where they grow.

In Summer - As temperatures rise, Letea is transforming, intensifies the contrast between the green of the forest green and brown of the desert areas, covered with dry vegetation. It feels the heat of the desert and forest shade, you can experience these sensations in the short walk we make, covering both areas. You can admire the lush vegetation of the forest, the great diversity of flora and forest birds singing.

Horses are harder to see now on, under the heat, they stay in the woods, in the shade and graze more at night.

In Autumn - with decreasing temperatures and increasing humidity, vegetation has a new stage of development and the horses back on lawns. Autumn flowers will delight in contrast with the rest of trees and vegetation that begins to yellow and prepare for winter. This happens quite late but in Letea from the rest of the country, so everything is still green in September and in the middle of October you can see autumn colors in the forest.

Obviously, in all seasons, here you see landscapes of breathtaking beauty, you will see a unique world, atypical vegetatio, a desert in the water world, a desert in a forest, a forest in a desert. A world of contrasts.

I have seen many clients annoyed at the sight of these forests. It is NOT an ordinary forest, so do not expect something look like the mountain or hill or anywhere else. :-) Letea show like ... Letea, as I said, UNIC. It is an experience not to be missed.

For successful trip to this place, you need to read and follow the instructions that we give on the needed equipment. So do not come in slippers, dress or clothes too sensitive. Please come with travel clothes, suitable for every season.

Discover Letea, together with our team!

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