• Rent a binocular or scope in Danube Delta

Rent a binocular or field scope for nature observation, for birds and animals in the Danube Delta! Available only for our clients, in our tours.

For animal and bird watching in the Danube Delta, binoculars or field scope will help enormously in "reading" the details.

Especially for small birds, without binoculars or telescope, it is sometimes impossible to even identify them. For Kingfishers or Bee Eaters is a pitty you can not see the fine details thereof.

All our equipment are professional range, optical products of the best manufacturers in the world. We have available small binoculars (for hand held), big binoculars (for strong hand held), premium binoculars (for high demands), good field scopes.

A small binoculars guide can be found here: About binoculars and monoculars

All optical equipment will be given and take back (personaly) from our point of embarkation in Tulcea.

Available binoculars:

  1. Nikon Action EX 8X40 (small binoculars)

This binocular is very good, with excellent clarity and brightness, light and robust. Can be easily hend held. Very good for laisure or birdwatching tours.

Weight – 855g

  1. Nikon Monarch 10X56 (large binoculars)

Exceptional quality binoculars. Stunning clarity, very bright, with very wide observation field. Needs a little skill to keep the "target" in the visual field but you will get used very quickly.

These Nikon binoculars waterproof and foproof are perfect for use outdoors.

Weight-: 1155g

  1. Swarovski 10X50 EL (premium binoculars)

EL 50 binoculars offer a strong magnification and excellent sharpness of detail – just perfect when observing over long distances or at twilight. The most compact 50-mm binoculars that are second-to-none. They impress with their perfect weight balance and allow you to hold them steadily in your hand. Larger exit pupils also provide brighter images at twilight.

  1. Zeiss Conquest 10X42 (premium binoculars)

They feature wide fields of view, outstanding brightness and brilliant, highcontrast images. Whether you are birding in the first light of the day or late in the evening. Designed as a rugged, twilight-capable companion for a wide range of applications, the 8x42 delivers a steady image in all situations thanks to the 8x magnification. The 10x42 will impress you with the largest field of view in its class. Even at long distances, it provides detailed views of nature and enables long, fatiguefree observation.

Avilable spotting scopes:

  1. Swarovski ATS 80 / 20-60 (including also tripod)

Anyone looking for equipment of proven quality right from the start will be delighted by the spotting scopes in the ATS range. They offer all the features that you would look for in a spotting scope, including a large field of view for rapid target acquisition and tried-and-tested optics. The view can be adjusted to meet personal preferences for any birding situation. With its angled view the ATS 80 enables comfortable observation for hours. The 80 mm objective lens diameter provides higher detail recognition, while a wider exit pupil ensures brighter images and comfortable viewing even in poor lighting conditions.


Optical equipment

1 day

(day trip)

3 days

(3d/2n stay)

4 zile

(4d/3n stay)

5 zile

(5d/4n stay)

7 zile

(7d/6n stay)

Small binoculars

5 10 15 20 25

Large binoculars

10 20 30 40 50

Premium binoculars

15 30 45 60 75
Scopes 25 50 75 90 100

Prices are in euro (EUR).

Rules to use of optical equipment, binoculars and scopes:

  •     Optical equipment does not drop, throw away, do not let under the sun (even if rented)
  •     If the lens cover with dust DO NOT scrub on shirt, you scratch the lens and the object will be declared dead (see what that means in terms and conditions). Cleaning will be done by us or ugroup leader, using specialized cleaning equipment.
  •     Do not dive optical equipment under water, even if they are waterproof
  •     DO NOT look directly into the sun with them, you will burn the retina!
  •     When not using an optical, keep it in the case, with the cap placed over the eyepieces and exit lenses.
  •     DO NOT disassemble the equipment rented.

How to rent an optical equipment (binoculars and / or scope)?

All optical equipment will be given and take back (personaly) from our point of embarkation in Tulcea.

Do not leave the optical equiments on the boat, hotel or to other persons. You receive it, you have to give it back.

We do not have an unlimited number of equipment so it is highly recommended to book the product you want, when you make the booking for the trip.


Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com   | Phone: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 740 357 073


Please use the form below (“Request a booking” green button).

You are welcome to the Danube Delta!

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Rent a binocular or scope in Danube Delta

from 5 euro/day

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