Renting terms and conditions for photo equipments

Renting terms and conditions for photo equipments

Published by: Iliuta Published at: 11/04/2017 Views: 1385

Many photographers want to try nature photography, be it wildlife, landscape or macro but this does not mean to buy all the equipment necessary for this kind of photography.

Very often, it is more profitable to rent what you need, if not often use such equipment.

Now we bring in the rental area, PRO super-tele lenses and cameras, for customers who participate in our photo tours. Since the equipment is very expensive and can cause serious problems if not used properly or do not take care of them (which is why we chose to rent for our tours only), you must follow some simple rules.

1. Please request the photo equipment when you book the photo tour, then we will confirm the availability / unavailability of chosen equipment. Especially if your participation to the photo tour depends of this equipment, we must know in advance, to reserve it

2. The minimum rental period is one day (1 day), we can not rent equipment by the hour or half-day.

3. 1 day = 24 hours. That is, one day rental is calculated from handover device until the next day at about the same time. For example, a photo tour of 4days / 3nights, you need to rent for 3 days.

4. Loss / accidental damage / theft of equipment entail full payment thereof. The calculation is the price according to the dealers in Romania. If you have where to buy a similar product and we accept this equivalent product, you can take instead.

5. In case of failure of equipment (because of your fault), you will bear the cost of repair at authorized service + rent for the number of days it takes the repair (to have the product available for rent).

6. If a product rent was declared unusable by us and the customer can not / does not want to pay, we reserve the right to sue to us about the law.

7. When using lenses, it is likely to become dirty. We kindly request you not to clean, we'll clean it. During it's use in areas with sand (beach, Letea etc.) fine sand may be deposited on the lens and inadequate cleaning could result in scratching the front lens (unusable product!).

8. When using the equipment, do not leave it without caps! I saw photographers often leaving lenses or teleconvertors without caps on boat or to Letea Forest (a very sandy area). Will fill with water or dust and can have big surprises. Dust / sand cleaning of a 600mm lens cost around 1,000 euros in service!

To reduce the time for handover / takeover of the equipment, you can download the LEASE CONTRACT and come with it already filled (it is a download link, allow download / save the file).

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