Springtime in Danube Delta

Springtime in Danube Delta

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Spring is definitely one of the best season for visiting Danube Delta.

Nothing compares with a trip to the Danube Delta when nature starts with force in a new adventure of another year. Vegetation explodes when the weather is warming, migratory birds returning to breeding sites, many northern species may be encountered during migration, the water level is generally increased offering an unique show of the flooded forest where fish is searching for spawning places .


Since March vegetation begins to come back to life on shores, shy, leaves begin to appear on trees, then grass and spring flowers.

By April we have an yellow show, flowering Gray Willows fill the channels with color, followed almost immediately by the Yellow Flaged Iris. Begin to appear the first aquatic vegetation.

In May everything will be green, reeds and rushes are growing, in the second half of May water lilies are already blooming and the shores are full of spring flowers.


All birds are in great verve, all of them, those wintering in the Danube Delta and those who come for nesting or in passage. Males are already dressed in nuptial plumage, the most spectacular plumage of the year. All their interest is for mating and nest building so we can approach them more than usual, to see them better, so you can study the behavior and photograph them. The stars of the Danube Delta, Pelicans, are also present, White Pelicans come from Africa, hungry, they are making large circles gathering fish in the middle and perform a very spectacular fishing and the Dalmatian Pelican, carrying food for their small chicks out.

Around 200 species of birds can be seen in spring, during migration, in the Danube Delta.


Advantages of a trip to the Danube Delta the spring (April-May) are:

  • No mosquitoes! (or other annoying insects)
  • Pleasant temperatures during the day, is neither cold nor hot, it's just nice to explore an wilderness area
  • Is prohibition for fishing, fishermen are out of duty and the mornings are quiet, no boats on the water and the birds are very friendly
  • Birds are in full migration, you can see up to 200 species, local or northern species.
  • You can listen the callings, the songs of male birds. It is absolutely impressive how many voices you can hear in the same time.
  • Some birds have spectacular nuptial dances, like Grebes. It is a privilege to see such a dance.
  • Vegetation is changing every day, it is an explosion of green and different flowers.
  • If you come with us to Letea Forest we'll show you a lot of orchids and other rare flowers.
  • The flooded forests are very beautiful and full of life.
  • You can see fishes spawning, males fighting for females.
  • Pelicans are starved after African Migration and offer real shows fishing in large groups for more efficiency.

Definitely a trip to the Danube Delta in the spring will be a revelation for you, another image of the Danube Delta, other than we know from books and stories.

We have prepared for you the best offers for spring in Danube Delta, just take a look on the website and you'll see!

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