Self-guided Kayak Tour to the Danube Delta, starting from Tulcea

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Discover the amazing nature of the Danube Delta from kayak. In silence, without visible tracks, without carbon tracks. You can enjoy the nature in all senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Be part of nature!

We’ll provide you a single or double kayak, paddle(s), life jacket and a PDF file with trails and a lot of valuable information about the tour. We DO NOT provide camping gear.

The tours you can do are:

1-day kayaking tourIT IS NOT POSSIBLE from Tulcea.

2-day kayaking tour – Tulcea – Mila23 (around 50km), with a night in tent, near a local fisherman hut. Once in Mila23, you can leave by boat transport company (if you are in Mila23 before their last departure of the day) OR you can subscribe to one of our other programs, in this case we can transport your luggage from Tulcea and you’ll have in kayak only what you need for 2 days.

3-day kayaking tour – Tulcea – Mila23, with one or two nights in tent, to local fishermen huts or the second night in Mila23 Village and a paddling day around the village. For departure from Mila23, the same as 2-day tour.

4-day kayaking tour – Tulcea – Mila23 – Letea – Sulina. Sleeping in tent near fisherman’s huts or in villages. If you finish the tour in Sulina, you can depart with one of the transport companies (you’ll have contacts on the PDF).

+4-day kayaking tours – A lot of possibilities but you have to finish the tour in Mila23 or Sulina.

The prices are:

Tour daysSingle kayakDouble kayak
2-day tour100 euro150 euro
3-day tour140 euro210 euro
4-day tour180 euro270 euro
from day 5+40 euro/day+60 euro/day

The price include:

  • Kayak (single or double, by request), paddle(s), life jacket(s);
  • PDF with information about the starting and ending points, places to camp overnight and more;
  • Drop-off the kayak when you finish the tour.

The price DO NOT include:

  • Camping gear;
  • Food;
  • Pick-up the kayak from another point then ours;
  • Danube Delta Visitor Fee;
  • Transport back to Tulcea;
  • Other then what is specified at “The price include”

Good to know

We recommend you to start before 11:00AM, to have enough time to reach the first camping point. You have to take with you everything you need for the first two days, then you’ll reach Mila23 Village and you can buy fresh food/drinks from the local shops.

If you choose a trip to Sulina, you’ll stop in Letea Village, please have in your mind that local shops are not open in mid-day, only morning and afternoon. Also, the product offer is quite limited.

In Mila23 and Sulina, you have to drop-off the kayaks wright in the points we give you. Nobody will come to pick-up the kayaks from where you are or where you let it.

To the Danube Delta, is not allowed to camp or set a fire into the wild, you have to do this only in special places. Remember, the penalties are quite high.

Please have with you:

  • sunscreen solutions,
  • long sleeves, pants and sun hat,
  • insects repellent,
  • rain gear,
  • dry bags, 
  • food and water for 2 days,
  • all the camping and cooking gear you need,


Bookings are based on full payment of the program. You can pay by card, bank transfer, Revolut or PayPal.

More then 60 days before the program you can postpone the trip (you will receive a voucher available 2 years). Less then 60 days before the trip, the payment is not refundable.



Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 757 894 456  |  +40 749 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!