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A special offer for those who want to visit the Danube Delta in a short time. Thus, starting from Tulcea, can reach distant points of the Danube Delta and return the same day.

It is a day trip in the Danube Delta, departing from Tulcea and destination point Mila 23, Crisan, Sulina or Letea.

The boat

The boat you'll go in the Danube Delta is a covered boat (windshield + tarp), equipped with banquet with backrest and cushions for high comfort, with a very good stability and reliability. Each person in the boat will receive a jacket.

The boat is covered with tarpaulin that can be opened in nice days or can cover partially (bimini top) in very sunny days or completely closed in case of rain or bad weather. It is a perfect boat for the cold days of early spring and late autumn.

The trip

Basically, is a day trip which you can see a good part of the Danube Delta, to feel the pulse of this area away from the rest of the world, eat a traditional fisherman lunch, see a piece of nature unique in the world.

Our travel speed is about 40 km/h, the boat is designed for fast running with several stops in places of great interest: landscape, flocks of birds, pelicans.

Departure is from the pier at Port Aval - Tulcea.

Tours offered by us are:

1. Tulcea - Mile 23

It is done on Touristic route No. 1. Departure is from Tulcea, we go along the Tulcea Channel till to the intersection with Channel 36 (in about 10 minutes after departure, we are already in the Danube Delta), we drive along the Channel 36 and then turn right on Garla Sireasa, a very rich areas in deltaic fauna (water birds and animals). We continue the trip on Garla Sontea including flooded areas full of birds and vegetation. Here we have the opportunity to see white and yellow water lilies, swans, coot, ducks, geese, spoonbills, godwit, ibis and perhaps even pelicans. We drive along Olguta channel then and get to Mila 23 Village, right in the middle of the Danube Delta. The length of this route is about 1.5 - 2 hours. At Mila 23 we visit the village and talk with local people, we eat a traditional fish lunch (optional) at a very nice 3 *** pension. After lunch we go on the way back, much the same route as coming but I assure you, in reverse, everything looks completely different, you will not even recognize the places we passed. Length all the way back is about 1.5 hours. The entire tour (with lunch) takes around 5-6 hours.

2. Tulcea - Mila23 - Letea

Probably the most requested day trip in the Danube Delta. The route is common with the above (up to Mila 23) and from there it goes through lakes Radacinos, Trei Iezere, Bogdaproste and then Bogdaproste channel till to the Old Danube, then the channel Madgaru until Letea Village. Here we make a visit to Letea Forest and then we eat a traditional lunch at a local house (optional). The return route is on the Danube (shorter, faster). The length of this route is about 3 to 3.5 hours from Tulcea to Letea, about 2 hours to visit Forest Letea and about an hour if you want lunch, the return trip takes 2:00.

3. Tulcea - Mila23 - Sulina

A boat trip really required especially in the summer months. We see the wild part of the Danube Delta until Mila 23 (see Tour No 1) and then go to Crisan on the Old Danube and from there on the main Channel, Sulina, till to the city Sulina. You can visit the city and then you can take a swimm in the Black Sea. Optionally you can have lunch. Being a city, you can choose the terrace / restaurant where you want to have lunch.

The route to the Sulina takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and the return trip, on the Danube, takes about 1.5 hours. Rest of the time you can use as you wish, in Sulina. We have to be back in Tulcea at sunset, so we have to leave Sulina at least 2 hours before sunset.

4. Tulcea - Mila23 - Letea - Sulina

It is a very long and demanding trip. Route to Letea is described above (Tour No 2). From Letea, we drive alongn Garla Barbosu, a very nice canal, filled with water lilies from spring to autumn, until Sulina city where you can visit points of interest and / or you can take a swimm in the Black Sea. Optional, lunch can be in Letea or in Sulina.

The route takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to Letea, one hour visiting the forest, about an hour to Sulina and 1.5 hours return trip on the Danube.

5. Tulcea - Sulina

It is a sightseeing trip of Sulina City, we depart on he Danube on Sulina Channel, till Sulina City where you can visit points of interest and / or you can take a swimm in the Black Sea. Optional lunch can be in Sulina City.


Private Group = you'll have the boat and the guide only for your group, we will not include you in a larger group.

This trip is organized for each group, the price of the table is for one boat, for the trip (not per person). For groups larger than 12 people can make these trips with two or more boats.

The price of this tours is:

Route: Price for 1-5 persons: Price for 6-11 persons: The price include: Optional:
1. Tulcea - Mila23 - touristic route 300 450 Guide, boat, fuel Lunch in 3* Pension - 12 euro/pers
2. Tulcea - Mila23 - Letea - touristic route 350 550 Guide, boat, fule, visit to Letea Forest by safari car

Lunch in 3* pension in Mila23 - 12 euro/pers

Lunch in local house in Letea - 12 euro/pers

3. Tulcea - Mila23 - Sulina 350 550 Guide, boat, fuel

Lunch in 3* pension in Mila23 - 12 euro/pers.

Lunch in Sulina - you can choose the place and menu.

4. Tulcea - Mila23 - Letea - Sulina 500 600 Guide, boat, fuel, visit to Letea Forest by safari car

Lunch in 3* pension in Mila23 - 12 euro/pers

Lunch in local house in Letea - 12 euro/pers

Lunch in Sulina - you can choose the place and menu.

5. Tulcea - Sulina - on the Danube

400 500 Guide, boat, fuel Lunch in Sulina - you can choose the place and menu.

The price is PER TRIP (one boat) and is in EURO (eur).

This is a private group offer. If you want to subscribe to a group (for a better price / person), please choose one of the offers group with fixed dates.

The package includes:

  • Guide
  • Boat (5 persons boat up to 5 pers and 12 persons boat for 7-12 pers group), including gasoline
  • Danube Delta visitation fee, imposed by ARBDD

Not included:

  • Drinks

Optional features:

Airport transfer:

We can do the transfers from Bucharest or Constanta (also Airports) to Tulcea and back.

Route No of persons

1 to 3


4 to 7

(8+1 Van)

8 to 19


Bucharest - Tulcea 200 300 500
Constanta - Tulcea 100 125 300

The price is in EURO, per ONE WAY, per CAR (NOT per person).

* NOT included in the package price!

** For other places of pick up, please request a price.

Personal equipment required:

  • Trousers and long sleeve blouses
  • Watch Cap and Sun Hat (not baseball cap)
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket or a raincoat

Please take very seriously the equipment requirement. Weather in Danube Delta can be changeable, especially riding the boat, you will feel uncomfortable if you are not well protected.


email  Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com 

telefon whats up sms Tel: +40 757 894 456


Bookings are done based on a deposit of 50% of the total price of the program you choose.


You can pay the deposit by:

  • ONLINE, by card, using EuPlatesc (iPay) system
  • PayPal

We also take Holiday Vouchers (only Romanian). You can pay in any currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The price difference will be paid to arrival, in cash (RON or EUR) or by card (any currency) or any of the payment systems from above.

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

For booking, please click on the green button below.

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PRIVATE Speed Boats Day Trips in Danube Delta - best routes

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