Private PRO Photo Tours in Danube Delta and Dobrudja

Take your private tour
to the magic land: Danube Delta and Dobrudja
Excellent opportunities
For good photos with wildlife
Good places and setup
for every situation

Private photo tours in Danube Delta and Dobruja. Wildlife photo tours, aerial photos, people, landscapes and macro photography, with an advanced logistic.

We provide you:

Specialised guides with very good knowledge about Danube Delta, they all work before with wildlife photographers and they realy understand your demands. Our guides knows very well the animals and birds of Danube Delta, they are born here and love nature. Please remember, guiding is English only!

For Danube Delta:

Specialised boats for photography, stable and secure, special designed for this activity, with waterproof spaces for transporting your equipment. All boats are equiped with new generation engines, with low consumes and enviroment friendly (we change the engines every 3-4 years). For this activity we use larger boats than usual in order to ensure you a high grade of security for you and your equipment.

We can make these tours for up to 4 persons (photographers).

We also have small boats covered with camouflage nets, for photography. In a place with 90% water, many times your subjects are on water so there you have to be too. Up to 4 persons can stay on these boats and take pictures.

We have places for White and Dalmatian Pelicans (roosting places), Grebes, Herons, White Tailed Eagles (also feeding places), Kingfisher, small birds, Racoon Dog.

We have tents for 1-2 persons and we use it as individual small hides.

For Dobruja:

We know Dobruja very well, we know where and when you can take photos of birds and animals, from small camouflage tents. We transport you by car (8 places mini bus), up to 6 persons and we set your tents on the best places. We do this all over the year, on every season.

The car – use small minibuses (8 + 1), for a very good communication with customers, for a better interaction with each client.

Here we use mobile hides (tents) and we install it in the best places every day.

In Dobruja we have very good places for Bee Eaters, Falcons, Rollers, Sousliks.

In both areas, we can provide a Moto Delta Plane for aerial photography. One person at a time can fly together with the pilot. The flight is depending by the weather conditions (wind, rain etc). We can book the flight but is the pilot decision if will fly or not. The flight is not included in the tour price!

For a standard tour, the prices are:

No of persNo of days
No of nights of accommodation3456
No of day tours2345

Depending on the number of days and number of people in YOUR group, find the price per person in the table.

* For 1 and 3 persons, one single is included.

Prices are in Euro, per person and include VAT.

The package includes:

  • ENGLISH guidance (guide member of APGDD)
  • 3* hotel accommodation in double rooms for the number of nights selected
  • Meals (starting with dinner on the first day, ending with breakfast on the last day, you have all meals included)
  • Transfers on water from Tulcea to Mila 23 and back
  • Day trips as you choose, both on Dobrudja (dryland) or on Danube Delta (wetland).
  • Use of the camouflage (mobile hides and boat)
  • Danube Delta visitation fee, imposed by ARBDD

Not included:

  • Drinks
  • Any kind of insurance (travel, personal goods etc)

Optional features:

– Feeding places for White Tailed Eagles – we have places where we feed Eagles ONLY in WINTER (December – Ferbuary). We set up to 2 mobile hides near this places, we use always a feeding place only for a group at once. The price of the bait is 100 euro, you’ll pay it once. For every bait, we have good results 2 days after feeding.

You have very good chances for White Tailed Eagles, good chances for Golden Jackal and some chances for other species.

– The flight with the Moto Delta Plan (May – September)The price of the flight is 100 euro/h, for a minimum of 6 hours of flight. This 6 hours have to be done in one day. The time of a flight is maximum 2 hours.

– Airport transfer:

We can do the transfers from Bucharest or Constanta (also Airports) to Tulcea and back.

  • Bucharest – Tulcea = 250 euro
  • Constanta – Tulcea = 150 euro

The price is in EURO, per ONE WAY, per CAR (NOT per person).

* NOT included in the package price!

** For other places of pick up, please request a price.

The program is as follows (example of 7d/6n program):

Day 1: We wait for you in Tulcea, at the hotel, in the afternoon (we’ll send you all the details about the adress by email) and have a short meeting to know each other and to inform you about the program for next day. If your program is starting with Delta, we’ll transfer you to Mila23, to the accommodation place.

Days 2-6: We start very early, according to the program we mutually agree, we transfer you to photography places, both on dry or water land. All the time, the boat or car we’ll be in a place where the guide can see you from far away. In the evening you’ll be back to the accommodation place. The lunch can be to go or to the accommodation place (if you choose to do 2 sessions per day, morning and evening).

Day 7: After a relaxed breakfast (9:00 am), this time without sunrise session, we will backtrack our trail to Tulcea, but now, in the morning, we will have the best light for this route. Of course, if you have a flight to catch, we can start the transfer early in the morning.

Accommodation in Tulcea

You will be checked in at a three star guesthouse or hotel, in double rooms, each with its own bathroom, television, air conditioner and central heating.

Accommodation in Danube Delta, Mila 23

You will be checked in at a three star guesthouse, in Mila 23 village, in double rooms, each with its own bathroom, television, air conditioner and central heating.


Included in the price are meals starting with dinner on first day and ending with breakfast on the last day. For all other days you’ll have 3 meals/day.

Meals will be in accommodation’s restaurant when is possible or picnic in wild areas (we do not want to loose time on the road, only for a meal).




+40 749 120 009

+40 759 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!


Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

Bookings are done based on a deposit of 20% of the total price of the program.

The rest of the payment have to be done 30 days before the tour start. If the tour is booked less then 30 days before departure, the full price will be paid.

Booking request form

Please fill the form below for a booking request. One of our agents will process your request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.