• Photo contest - Dobruja 24h BIRDS Photo 2019

We launch a new photo contest, this time quite different from traditional competitions. Photos must be taken within 24 hours of the contest. It is a challenge for both photographers and birders.

It is a bird photography contest that lasts 2 days (24h). The goal is to photograph as many bird species at this time.

Win the photographer who photograph most bird species. Each species will have an allocated score (the list can be downloaded here), if two or more photographers match the number of species, the tie will be done by the total of points. If and this time there is equality, it will win the photographer with most "valuable" species (those with 10 points).


1st place Voucher DDD 500 euro
2nd place DDD voucher 400 euro
3rd place voucher DDD 300 euro

* Vouchers are offered by the DiscoverDanubeDelta. Can be used to buy any program on the site in the 2019 season.

If there are sponsors, the prizes will be increased (we will announce in advance).

Place: Dobrogea (in Romania). We chose Dobrogea because the biodiversity here is very big and offers the best opportunity for the theme of the contest.


Any photographer can subscribe, except for the Discover Danube Delta and Alternative Travel employees.


April 11-14, 2019

Participation fee:

Photographer - 250 euro
Companion - 200 euro
Single supplement - 45 euro

The fee includes: participation to the competition (for photographers), accommodation for 3 nights at the 3 * pension, dinners (3 dinners), breakfast and lunch on Day 4 (Sunday).

Number of places:

For this first edition of the contest, we limit the number of photographers to 20.

Now, 20 places are available


The jury consists of:
Iliuta Goean - photographer and organizer
Corneliu Leu - photographer, IT specialist and organizer
Marius Cornel Dima - photographer and specialist in ornithology
Dan Bandacu - photographer and specialist in ornithology


Day 1 - Thursday - The meeting is at 17:00, at the guesthouse house we will be staying during this contest (we will announce the location in February 2019), in Dobrogea. Accommodation will be done in double rooms with en suite bathroom, in 3* (good) conditions.

At 18:00, we have a technical meeting where we will introduce you once again the rules of the contest (even if you read it on the site, we want to make sure everyone understands the same thing and there are no differences of interpretation on the rules). If there are any questions, we will gladly answer it.

The presence at this meeting is mandatory because we then set all the details of the starting points and times.

Days 2 and 3 - Friday and Saturday - 6:30 o'clock (at the sunrise) begins the contest. Coffee is available at the guesthouse, starting at 4:30. From the start of the contest you can begin to take pictures. At this time, you can be anywhere in Dobrogea (Romania).

The contest ends at 18:30. Photographers will be presented at the guesthouse until 19:30. From 20:00 we have dinner and at 22:00 the photos of the day are delivered to the jury, according to the rules.

Day 4 - 8:30 breakfast. From 9:00 to 11:00, sponsor’s products presentations.

At 11:30 announcing winners, presenting winning photos and awarding. The first 3 places will be awarded with the announced prizes but will also be offered prizes for all competitors.

At 13:00 we have lunch and end the event.


    1. Jury

All competitors will comply with the jury's decisions
Every evening, the jury will receive photos from the competitors from the day (one shot per species).

   2. How to deliver photos to the jury:

Photos will be transmitted in digital format on a stick or card.

In JPG (one photo / specimen) format, with a minimum size of 1080X720 px. In the photography, the species must be clearly identifiable. The JPG will have a watermark with the name of the photographer (only name, no brands or web addresses).

The RAW from which it was extracted (you will have a folder named PHOTOGRAPHER-NAME-JPG and one called PHOTOGRAPHER-NAME-RAW).

All the photos remain the property of the photographers who have took it, the jury using it exclusively for the ranking and validation of the species.

JPGs will be published on our website and on the Facebook page of the contest only, in posts related to this contest and keep the photographer's watermark. RAWs are only used to validate the period in which the photos were taken.

The jury is primarily interested in the photographed species and not in the artistic aspect of photography. However, only IN FOCUS, correctly EXPOSED, with a correct WHITE BALANCE will be validated , which clearly distinguishes the species's characteristics. We want to keep it a photo contest, even if documentary photos are predominant.

   3.  Validation Criteria:

  •    In focus, (out of focus photos will not be validated),
  •    The beak and at least one eye have to be visible,
  •    The characteristic of the species have to be visible,
  •    A photo may contain one or more species,
  •    The size of the bird in the frame allows for unambiguous identification (by the jury) of the species,
  •    The bird being photographed have to be alive and free,
  •    Correct exposure (if a photo is under / over exposed and this prevents species from being determined, the photo will not be validated.) If the photo is an unmistakable silhouette of a species, the jury can accept it.
  •    The jury is the one who decides to validate the photos.
  •    Validation of the number of species will be communicated by the jury the next morning.

    4. Shooting:

Each photographer will decide how and where to take the photos. You can photograph from the car or any camouflage, on foot, etc.

Each photographer can have a companion during the competition (driver, seeker, etc.). The companion is not allowed to take photos during the contest (not even for his own portfolio). Also, 2 or more photographers can share the same car.

Photos taken with any digital photo device (cameras and lenses), even digiscoping, capable of RAW shooting, with EXIF ​​preservation are accepted.

    5. Disqualifications:

Fraud attempts like photos before the contest, photos taken by other people (including the companion) lead to the immediate disqualification of the photographer.

Disturbing other competitors by getting off the car or getting close with your car, leading to scare birds, leads to disqualification. Please keep a decent distance from other competitors.

In the case of disqualification, the amount paid as a contest fee is NOT refunded (not even partially).

  1. Sponsors:



Accommodation in Dobrogea

It will be done at a 3 * pension, which will be announced in February 2019. The pension has double rooms with private bathroom and a saloon for the competition logistic.

Personal equipment:

Each photographer will bring his own photo and personal equipment. It is your choice of what optical equipment you are using, but do not forget the condition of a capable camera to record RAW format with EXIF.


email  Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com 

telefon whats up sms Tel: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 749 120 009


Bookings are based on an advance of 50% of the contest fee.


You can pay the deposit by:

  • ONLINE, by card, using EuPlatesc (iPay) system
  • PayPal

The price difference will be paid until February 15, by any of the payment systems from above.

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

For booking request, please click on the green button below.

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Photo contest - Dobruja 24h BIRDS Photo 2019

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