Needed in Danube Delta

Needed in Danube Delta

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For a trip in the Danube Delta we recommend always have with you the following:

In hot weather

  • - Wind Jacket (wind stopper)
  • - Hat
  • - Long sleeve blouse
  • - Pants, the best materials are linen and cotton
  • - Raincoat
  • - Sunscreen creme with high SPF
  • - Sunglasses, recommended are those with polarized lenses
  • - Repellent solutions or anti mosquito devices
  • - Hat with mesh protection against insects
  • - If you are sensitive to insect bite is good to have a calming solution
  • - Knife (plier)
  • - Bottle with water, do NOT drink unboiled water in the summer, even from the clearest channels

In cold weather

  • - Warm clothes, driving a boat is very much different from any other outdoor activity. You need waterproofs and warm clothes, even at 8-10 degrees temperature in Tulcea, you need winter clothes for a boat trip.
  • - A dry set of clothes (even underwear)
  • - Hat with ears protection (a good one)
  • - Waterproof boots
  • - Gloves
  • - Sunglasses
  • - Knife (plier)
  • - Drinking water bottle

If you go on a boat trip and you have water sensitive equipment (cameras, video etc) make sure that you have necessary equipment to protect it against moisture. Waterproof protections are highly recommended, waterproof bags or simple plastic bags.
I carry my camera equipment in a waterproof Lowepro backpack and i have with me always a large plastic bag which, if necessary, can put the bag completely. If you go only by boat, you can use a plastic box with lid and locks (found in supermarkets).
For fans of photography / video recommended storage cards and battery in large quantities, here are a lot of photo subjects, great temptations and I saw a lot of people without data cards of batteries in the middle of the trip.

For expeditions on the banks, in forests etc. Never wear flip-flaps or hobby sandals. You must have closed shoes. Shoes or (preferably) Boots (Summer)!
Attention! Those who will participate in expeditions to Letea, we''ll walk about 8-10 km. We recommend to have very comfortable shoes.

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