PRIVATE Kayaking Tours in Danube Delta, Mila23


The beauty of a kayak tour is that you do not need previous experience. Young or old, you can enjoy this wonderful activity in the middle of an UNESCO protected natural park. Our kayaks are safe and able to meet the requirements even for a dynamic persons.

There is no better way to discover the Danube Delta, as in a small, silent kayak, on canals and lakes that abound in dozens of bird species!

Our guide will accompany you to share the stories of the place, to ensure your safety on the water, to help you set up the camp and last but not least to give you an unforgettable holiday.

You will only sleep in a tent (your own) and each participant takes his own luggage in his kayak. You willl have a place in a kayak and english guidance from an expert of places and all our acquaintances about the Danube Delta.

Kayak days tour

It means any day when you go kayaking. Regardless of the departure time on the first day or the time when the tour ends in the last day, it is considered a day of tour (and counted as such).

Depending on the number of days chosen, the routes are:

2 days kayak tour – Mila23 – Lakes in the area.

3 days kayak tour – Mila23 – Lakes in the area OR Mila23 – Letea and return.

4 days kayak tour – Mila23 – Lakes in the area OR Mila23 – Letea and return (via Matita).

5 days kayak tour – Mila23 – Lakes in the area AND / OR Mila23 – Letea and return (via Matita).

Example of a kayak tour program – 2 days of paddling

Day 1

Departure is made at the agreed time from our boarding point in Mila23.

After a brief training, along with the guide, you will put the kayaks in the water, load the luggage in the kayaks and start the tour. The guide will go with you, in a single kayak. Knowledge, patience and professionalism are the strengths of our team of guides.

Luggage space in the kayak is limited. Every 2 days you will have access to a shop in the villages through which you will pass and you can supply yourself with food and water. Each participant will bring their own food for this tour, according to their culinary preferences.

The route is decided by the guide, taking in consideration your requirements, weather conditions and water level. You can choose between day trips, with return in the evening in Mila23 village where you can stay at local guesthouse or camp in a local household or several days (circuit) tours where you will camp every night in another place.

Day 2

Depending on the chosen program, you will start the day with a new tour or continue on the way to Mila23 by going on pathless canals, where you have the chance to see the wildness of these places. You will stop at noon in a picturesque place where you can have the lunch.

The return time in Mila23 village is approximate. If you would like to transfer to Tulcea on this day and have a booking already made, inform the guide about this, from the beginning of the program.

If you will stay over the night in Mila23, the tour can be finished before sunset.

The equipment will be given back in this evening.

Kayak tours

In the routes proposed by us you will paddle around 15-20 km per day but these can be adjusted depending on the experience level of each group or your preferences.

During Summer you will have 2 stages of about 4 hours of paddling, in the morning and in the evening, with a longer break at noon, for lunch and relaxation in the shade. Every 2 hours you will have a break of 15-20 minutes.

The price of this tour is:

Days / Person1 person2 person3 person4 person5 person+6 pers
2 days kayaking325210165145135125
3 days kayaking470290230200180170
4 days kayaking610375300250230210
5 days kayaking750450350300270250

The price is per person (one place in a kayak), per tour, it is expressed in euro (EUR) and inclusive VAT.

Please click on BOOKING REQUEST button and fill up the form. Our agents will process the request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h).

The price includes:

  • Kayak rental for the number of days chosen (one place in kayak ) / paddle / life jacket
  • English guidance (the guide will come with you, in a single kayak)
  • Fees for visiting the Danube Delta

Children policy in the kayak:

  • The minimum age to join the tour is 5 years old 
  • Children up to 12 years old pay 75% of the price
  • Children over 12 years old pay full rate
  • Children up to 14 years old will ONLY paddle in a double kayak with an adult (parent).
  • Responsibility of children’s supervision during the tour belong to parents
  • All children will wear life jackets as long as they are kayaking, no matter how well they swim.

The price does NOT include:

  • Transfers to / from Mila23 village
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)
  • Meals / drinks

Bookings are based on the full payment of the program.

Booking request form

Please click on BOOKING REQUEST button and fill up the form. Our agents will process the request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.


You can pay online, by card, by PayPal, Revolut or by wire transfer.

How do I get to Mila23?

You can reach the Mila23 village only by water. You can choose between Navrom (big ships, state-owned) and fast boats, from private companies. Once the booking is confirmed, our agents will send you the contact details of the local transport companies and you will make the booking according to your preferences. The transport costs vary between 12 and 15 Euro per person, per way.

In the village you will find shops from where you can buy food and water for the kayak tour days. The shops prices are very close to those of the city of Tulcea.

In the evening before Day 1, you will meet the guide in the village and talk about all the details for the following days.

The kayaks used in this tour are of the highest quality, single or double. When you make the booking kindly let us know what kind of kayak do you prefer.

Single kayak

Technical data:

  • Length: 430 cm
  • Width: 68 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Volume: 405L
  • Capacity: 140 kg * (maximum weight, passenger + luggage!)
  • Cockpit: 110 cm

Double kayak

  • Length: 470 cm
  • Width: 69 cm
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Volume: 510L
  • Capacity: 240 kg * (maximum weight, passenger + luggage!)
  • Cockpit: 110 cm

* The maximum carrying capacity of the kayaks is 130 kg for single and 220 kg for double. For your safety, you can participate in this program if you have less than 120 kg.


In the kayak everything can get wet. We recommend that all luggage be placed in waterproof bags or pack your bags in plastic bags. Don’t take big bags. Small luggage fits much better in the luggage compartment than large ones. You can have a waterproof bag to tie on top of the kayak (at the back). Do not take anything that you do not need.

The food

In the hot season do not take much food with you, strictly as what you eat the first and second day, until dinner. Do not take fresh charcuterie or other forms of meat, it is recommended to avoid meat altogether. Take packaged cheeses, energy bars (cereal bars), protein bars, sweets, dried fruits, fresh fruits etc.


Each participant will sleep in their own tent, we advise you to join 2-3 persons in a tent for compacting the luggage as efficiently as possible. The setting up and the removal of the tent rests with the participants, the guide will help you but it is not his task to set up and remove all the tents.

In our tours we do not provide camping equipment or food.

You must have with you:

  • Tent, sleeping bag, matress.
  • Primus, tableware, cutlery.
  • Seasonal clothes – mandatory sun hat, long clothes to not get a sun burn, thicker clothes for the evening / morning. Mandatory thin waterproof clothes.
  • Mosquito (anti-insects) solutions.
  • You can take hydration solutions, energizing juices (not RedBull, but those for athletes) and sweets for energy during the day.
  • Waterproof protections for phones and cameras.
  • Waterproof bags for clothes and equipment.

Please take your personal equipment seriously!


Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 749 120 009

+40 759 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!

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