Initiation in BIRDWATCHING for CHILDREN, in the Danube Delta, SHARED 2024

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Take your child’s vacation to another level! Come with us in the Danube Delta, at Mila23, on an initiation tour in BIRDWATCHING and, together with a specialized GUIDE in ornithology, we help you teach him to enjoy nature, birds, to take the first steps in identifying species of birds that surround us.

You will be accommodated at Mila23, in the middle of the Danube Delta, at Vaida House, an accommodation dedicated to families with children.

You have included: accommodation, boat transfers, birdwatching boat trips, half board and a very passionate ornithological guide who will tell the children lots of interesting things about birds and nature. Obviously, adults are also welcome to the activities.

We recommend equipping yourself with binoculars and a Bird Guide Book.

During the two days of boat trips, you will discover with your children a wonderful world of nature and you will be helped to see its finest details.

Dates and availabilities for the 2023 season:

30 May - 2 Jun
8 Jul - 11 Jul
8 Aug - 11 Aug
5 Sep - 8 Sep

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a family room for 3 nights
  • Meals (dinner on the first day, breakfast and dinner on days 2 and 3, breakfast on the last day)
  • Boat trip on lakes (in two ssessions, morning and evening)
  • Excursion to Letea (one day), including safari car
  • English guidance
  • Transfers, Tulcea – Mila23 and return
  • Sunrise excursion
  • Danube Delta visitor fees imposed by the authorities (ARBDD).

The price does NOT include:

  • Drinks (other than table water)
  • Lunch – 15 euro/person both at Vaida House and Letea (paid directly at the location)
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, property, etc.)

Children’s policy:

  • Children 5-12 pay 50% of the package price
  • Children over 12 years old fall under adults
  • The children’s supervision during the tour rests exclusively with the parents.

*The minimum age for participation in this program is 5 years (children born starting in 2019).


Day 1: 15:30 – Meeting / Boarding | 16:00 – Departure from Tulcea (by boat) | 18:00 – Accommodation at the boarding house | 18:30 – Meeting with the guide | Dinner

Meeting and boarding

The departure for this trip is from Port Tulcea Aval. In order to complete the payments (if any) and to communicate regarding the boat you will go to Mila23, we will be waiting for you at our boarding point, at 15:30.

Transfer and accommodation to the guesthouse

The transfer to Mila23 is done on one of the most beautiful routes in the Danube Delta. The transfer lasts about 2 hours. Our guide will lead you to the pontoon of the guesthouse you will be staying in.

You will then meet the guide, in the guesthouse’s gazebo, to talk about the stages of the program for the following days and the children will have a first presentation about what birdwatching means.

In the evening, the hosts await you with a delicious dinner.

Transfers and excursions are done with our open boats, created especially for tourism (you can see it in the photos on the website).

Day 2: 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Morning birdwatching shift | 14:00 – Lunch (optional) | Evening birdwatching tour (guide will let you know the departure time depending on the season)| Dinner

Birdwatching tours

The tour will be in two sessions, morning and evening. Depending on the Danube’s water levels as well as the fresh information we have about the places where groups of birds feed, we will choose the most suitable route.

If you want lunch, let the guesthouse staff know this in the morning, at breakfast. Also, if you want lunch at Letea (for the next day), let the guide know the night before.

After each stage of the boat trip, together with the guide, you’ll make a summary of the day and the number of species observed.

Day 3: Sunrise Tour – Starts 30 minutes before sunrise | 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure to Letea | 12:30 – Excursion to the Letea Forest (by safari car + walking) | 14:30 – Lunch (optional) | Dinner

The sunrise trip

The evening before, the guide will tell you the departure time for this trip. Depending on the month you come, the sunrise time differs. Please take consideration that the morning is colder than during the day so please bring a jacket.

The trip to Letea

The trip to Letea is a day of contrasts, which harmoniously traverses the canals and lakes that seem boundless, reaching the spectacular desert area of Letea, located in the vicinity of the largest colony of White Pelicans in Europe, Roșca Buhaiova. Once in Letea village, a safari car awaits you to go to Letea forest, the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe. We want to show you the wild horses, the oak trees growing on the salty sand and the famous sand dunes. The route brings us back to the village where (optionally) you can have lunch, in an authentic Hahol household, where the hosts cook simply and traditionally.

After lunch, a slightly different route leads to Mila23. Regardless of the season, on a tour to Letea, both on the way to there and on Letea sand island, you can meet many interesting bird species, the guide knows where to take you to see them.

Lunch at the local household in Letea

You should know that this is not a restaurant and other dishes cannot be ordered. Lunch is based on fish and consists of fish soup, fried fish and the famous Letea donuts for dessert. Hosts have a very simple serving system and can only offer full menus. Payment for lunch is made directly to the hosts, in cash.

As it is a long, demanding trip, please hydrate yourself and have the minimum necessary equipment with you.

Equipment in the Danube Delta (click on the link) – In order not to have surprises on the spot, read this article from us on the blog.

Day 4: 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30- Boarding for the transfer to Tulcea | 11:30 – Disembarkation at Tulcea, the end of the program.

The transfer to Tulcea

It is done, for the most part, on the same route as on arrival, at a higher speed than trips. You’ll be left on the same pontoon from which we left. 

If you are leaving Tulcea by public transport, we recommend that you consider a reservation after 1pm.


Group confirmation

This group is run with minimum 4 subscribers.

Shared Program

Being a SHARED program, this means the whole group goes with the same car / boat, at the same hours (hours detailed in the program). Please be on board at scheduled time for both.

Trips to the Danube Delta

What we see – All the time we will try to learn something about the places we travel through, about the birds and the flora of the Danube Delta. Each season has its beauty, each area of the Delta has something particular that we will help you understand in order for you to see what makes the Danube Delta so special.

Spring in the Danube Delta  |  Summer in the Danube Delta  |  Autumn in the Danube Delta


Bookings are based on 30% deposit. You can pay by card, bank transfer, Revolut or PayPal.

More then 60 days before the program you can postpone the trip ( you will receive a voucher available 2 years). Less then 60 days before the trip, the deposit is non refundable.

The remaining balance can be paid on arrival at our boarding point in cash or card (LEI/RON or EURO).



Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 749 120 009  |   +40 759 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!

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