Guided boat trip on LAKES - included in DDD programs

Guided boat trip on LAKES - included in DDD programs

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The trip on the lakes of the Danube Delta, departing from Mila23 or Crisan, is for our clients, subscribed in Discover Danube Delta programs.

We do this trip in two stages, with a break for lunch. Each stage lasts for 4 hours and will take in the most beautiful places around Mila23 - Crisan Villages.

The morning trip begin after breakfast, at 9:30 and lasts until 13:30 when we get back for lunch.

The evening trip begins 4 hours before sunset, so, depending on the season, you have time for a little siesta after lunch. The tour ends at sunset. Nothing compares with the beauty of a sunset on a lake in the Danube Delta.

Our trips include lakes Trei Iezere, Radacinos, Bogdaproste, Babina, Matita, Merhei, Furtuna and others, as well as the beautiful canals between these lakes. We are always in search for places with birds, flocks of pelicans fishing on lakes or rest on the shores, fishing places of spectacular Terns ar shore birds. We are looking for places to see seasonal flora, from spring flower, through carpets of water lilies, till fall flowers.

In any season, our guides know to show you the beauty of the places and to tell you stories about them.

Depending on the time of year you choose to come to this trip, the water level and the information we have on the ground, every day we choose an optimal route for the trip.

Our speed of travel is low, we want to show you as much of what it offers fabulous nature around us, to understand the beauty and diversity of the Danube Delta. Both on the channels and on lakes we go slowly and stop whenever we have something interesting to see.

The boats we uset to make the trips are open boats, excursion boats (just like in the photo below). Not covered boats, not speed motorboats, not cabin boats. Are boats built by our design and are exclusively used for tourism, these boats can drive in very shallow water and have no roof. Thus, we can get into wild beautiful places, we want to show you places where large boats or cabin boats have no way to enter.

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