• GROUP Guided Day Trip in Danube Delta, Tulcea - Letea - program 2019

Guided day rip to the Danube Delta, departing from Tulcea and point of destination Letea Village, with a visit to Letea Forest, the most requested destination in the Danube Delta and an authentic fisherman lunch (optional) in Letea village, in a very beautiful local household.

Come with us to discover the Danube Delta nature and one of the wonders of nature’s world, Letea Forest. The northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, with spectacular landscapes, special flora and wild horses. You’ll see a large part of the Danube Delta, with it’s misterious channels and lakes and the forest in the middle of a desert, the desert in the middle of waters. In one day.

Program: [Discover Danube Delta in one Day] - an unique program, created and developed by the Discover Delta Team in the last six years. A program described by clients as "above expectations". This was possible thanks to a combination of factors you can not find anywhere else:

    Boats built specifically for tourism, are open boats so you can see everything all around (dedicated to those who are not afraid of the sun or a fast summer rain), stable and secure. Being specifically designed for the Danube Delta, we enter to the beautiful areas with shallow water, full of life, where not so many boats are are able to enter.
    A team of guides dedicated to the Danube Delta, very well trained, they can turn a simple trip in a lesson about the nature of the Danube Delta.
    Carefully chosen routes, which include a large number of places with concentrations of birds, with different biotypes, routes that can be developed only by those who really know the Danube Delta.
    Location for lunch and lunch quality, we work with the best local pensions in the area (exclusively) and we can offer lunch in the best conditions, authentic Lipovan meals, the fish is cooked in their traditional style (optional).

Departure is from pontoon in Port Aval - Tulcea (please follow the link for details).

Meeting hour is 8:00. Please do not be late, it is better to arrive 15 minutes before this hour, to have enough time for boarding.

The trip lasts around 18:30 – 19:00.

The dates of these trips are:

Month/day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
September 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - - - 10 10 10 - - - - - - - -

You can see the available number of places for every day in the table.

The price of this trip is:

60 euro/person

Price is per person and is expressed in euro (EUR).

The price includes:

  • 1 place on boat for the trip Tulcea - Mila 23 – Letea - Tulcea
  • Guide (ENGLISH language), member of the Professional Guides Association of the Danube Delta
  • Safari car for the visit to Letea Forest

NOT included in the price:

  • Lunch
  • Any kind of insurance (travel, luggage etc)


* In Letea are no restaurants, you can not choose where you eat. Without a reservation sent in the morning, you have all chances to stay hungry. We have exclusive collaborations with the best locations in Letea and we can provide a high quality lunch. Reservations for lunch are made before leaving to the boat trip, at our point of embarkation.

Guided Day Trip in the Danube Delta, group - Tulcea - Letea - 2019

The trip

Basically, on this day trip you can see a good part of the Danube Delta, to feel the pulse of the wonderful area, far away from the rest of the world, to eat a traditional fish lunch (optional), to see an unique piece of nature in the world.

We see both parts of the Danube Delta – the river Delta (the part formed by the river) and the Sea Delta (formed by the sea), we see both kinds of habitates, water, lakes and canals filled with vegetation and wildlife and desert area, Letea, with it’s peculiarities which you will find on the spot.

Our speed of travel is lowl, we are specialized in slow trips, for visiting Danube Delta and not speed transport. Our boat ride at an average speed of about 10 km / h and will stop at all points of interest for enjoying the wonderful scenery, for a few photos with Delta flora and fauna.

The route starts with one of the most beautiful areas of the Danube Delta, Garla Sireasa and Garla Sontea till Mila23 Village where we take a short break and see Lotka Museum, opened by Ivan Patzaichin then proceed to Letea over wild lakes and chanels. Here we take a safari car and visit Letea Forest, the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe. We see wild horses, oaks grown on salty sand of the other attractions of the place (depending on season).

In Letea village visit, we talk with the locals, eat a traditional fish lunch at a local household very beautiful and clean (optional). After lunch we go on the way back, a different route (mostly).

The timing of this trip is:

  • about 3.5 to 4 hours to Letea
  • 2 hours forest visit
  • 1 hour lunch
  • return trip is about 3.5 hours

The boat used on the trips in Danube Delta:

The boat we will use during our trips in Danube Delta is an open boat, with a full view of the nature around, equipped with benches with backrest and pillows for a high degree of comfort. The boat is also very stable and safe. This boat is not used for fish transport, it is very clean and it is only used for tourism. Each and every person in the boat will receive a lifejacket.

What you’ll see:

At all times we will try to teach you about the places we visit, about the birds and flora we encounter; we look for bird flocks and seasonal flora. Each time of the year has its own beauty and it leaves its mark on the Danube Delta in different ways. We will take you to see different parts on the Danube Delta and help you understand the seasonal changes its going through. Danube Delta has its special place in nature and we''ll show you why.


Lunch can be provided at a local household in Letea Village. Here they cook fresh fish daily, in Ukraine traditional style. Please remember is not possible to order on the spot because there is no time for preparation. The hosts cook only for the number of persons already booked.

Lunch consist of first plate (soup) and second plate (a kind of fish meal). Water is provided for lunch but no other drinks (you can order from the bar).

Meals are offered in the menu board system, that serves the same for everyone, not be ordered individually. Menu price is 50 lei / person.

Personal equipment required:

  • Trousers and long sleeve blouses
  • Watch Cap (not baseball cap) + Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket or a raincoat

Please take very seriously the equipment requirement. Weather in Danube Delta can be changeable, you will feel uncomfortable if you are not well protected.


email  Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com 

telefon whats up sms Tel: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 749 120 009

This program is done with minimum 4 persons subscribed!


Bookings are done based on a deposit of 20% of the total price of the program you choose.


You can pay the trip by:

  • ONLINE, by card, using EuPlatesc (iPay) system
  • PayPal

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

For booking, please click on the green button below.

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GROUP Guided Day Trip in Danube Delta, Tulcea - Letea - program 2019

60 euro/pers