Embarking point - Murighiol Star2000

For our programs at Holbina – 3 Bibani, the embarking for the transfer is made at Murighiol – Star2000 Parking.


As you exit the village of Murighiol, in the direction of Dunavat, turn left on the paved road (there is also a sign “Spre DEBARCADER”). Get off on the first paved road on wright and DO NOT enter the front yard but go around it on the right, following the asphalt. When you reach the Danube, on the left you will see a large parking lot, with barriers, inscribed “Star2000”. This is where you need to go.

The easiest way is to use Google Maps or Waze and search for “Star2000 Parking” or “Murighiol Debarcader”.


You will be called by name and you will be told which boat you will go with. Please do NOT board the first boat you find on the pontoon, from this place several companies embark and you risk to reach another location.

Car parking

The parking price is 5 euro/day/car (information from August 2021).

* The price of parking is set by the port management and may be subject to change without our will or knowledge. We try to keep up to date with the information on the rates charged by our partners but we cannot guarantee these rates. Thank you for understanding.

The cost of parking is NOT included in the price of our programs.

We have also prepared a map for your orientation.