Discover Danube Delta Tour 4d/3n - Lakes and Letea - 2020 SHARED

4 days / 3 nights Tour
With Day Trips on Lakes and to Letea Forest
Excelent Guides Team
Locals, they know very well the places
Till the End of the Delta
On a Memorable Tour
Discover The Wild East
Taste the Local Food
Meet the Locals
Enjoy Romania
Fisherman's House
Alexandru and Alexandra
The Dalmatian Pelican
20 Sep - 23 Sep
23 Sep - 26 Sep
27 Sep - 30 Sep
30 Sep - 3 Oct
4 Oct - 7 Oct
7 Oct - 10 Oct
Fully booked.
Fully booked.
Fully booked.

Our original program Discover Danube Delta, the best selling tourist package in the Danube Delta, from 2010 until today.

We, the travel agency Discover Danube Delta, are the organizers of this holiday, having our own fleet of boats, an enthusiastic team of guides and an exclusive collaboration with the 4 guesthouses presented below.

The price includes: 3 nights of accommodation in one of the best 3* locations, in Mila 23, half board (breakfast and dinner included), water transfers, 2 full days of boat trips and the best guides in the Danube Delta. The program is carried out in the 4 guesthouses which are exclusively in our network: The Fisherman’s House, Vanessa, The Dalmatian Pelican and Alexandru & Alexandra.

4 days / 3 nights program with 2 days of trips included

  1. Trips on Wild Lakes and Channels, 2 trips of 4 hours each, in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Trip to Letea, visiting LETEA FOREST (the guide will go with you in the forest as well).
  • The best team of guides in the Danube Delta operating since 2004 in this field, members of the Association of Professional Guides in the Danube Delta.
  • Very good accommodation and meal conditions.
  • Original program, created and performed by us.
  • FIXED price program.
  • Boats specially built for tourism (open, excursion boats), stable and safe. We do NOT use boats for transport (covered boats).
  • We are permanently in the Danube Delta, we know what changes every day, where there are birds and animals.

You choose the guesthouse where you will stay, which you consider most suitable for you (you have all the information about the 4 guesthouses below).

The order of the trips will be established by us and a program proposal looks like this:

Day 1

Schedule of the day:

15:30 – Presentation at the embarking point | 16:00 – Departure from Tulcea (by boat) |18:00 – Accommodation at the guesthouse | 18:30 – Dinner | 20:00 – Sunset trip

Meeting and boarding

The departure for this holiday is from Port Tulcea Aval. As you pass the barriers from the entrance to the port, 200 meters away, there is the pontoon that says “DEBARCADER PASAGERI” (“PASSENGER WHARF”). You can find us on the pontoon, in the Souvenir Shop.

In order to complete the payments (if applicable) and to communicate regarding the boat with which you will go to Mila 23, we will be waiting for you at our embarking point, at 15:30.

The boarding will be performed according to the instructions of our staff. You will be called out and you will be indicated the boat you are going with. Please do NOT board on the first boat you find at the dock, because several companies embark from this place and you risk getting to another location.

Parking the cars

  • Personal cars can be parked in Tulcea, right in the yard of Port Aval, in the private, guarded parking.
  • The parking cost is Euro 5/day/car (the parking price is NOT included in the tour price and it is informative, being subject to modification by the port administration, with no prior notice).
  • No reservation can be made for the parking places and the number of places is limited.

Transfer and accommodation at the guesthouse

We will go to Mila 23 on one of the most beautiful routes in the Danube Delta, we will cross Canal 36, Garla Sireasa, Garla Sontea, Canal Olguta, Old Danube – Village Mila 23. The duration of the transfer is about 2 hours.
Our guide will lead you to the pontoon of the guesthouse you will be staying in (the guesthouse chosen by you for this program). In the guesthouse you will be expected by the staff of the house, who will hand you the key of the allocated room (according to the voucher).

In the evening, the host will await you with a delicious dinner.

The Trip to Sunset

It lasts approximately 2h, depending on the sunset time on each season.

The boarding for the trips is made from the pontoon of the guesthouse where you are staying (the same one you disembarked before). Please come at the pontoon 10 minutes before the departure hour, to have enough time for boarding.

Day 2

Schedule of the day:

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30-13:30 – Morning trip on the lakes | 14:00 – Lunch (optional)| 16:00-20:00 – Evening trip on the lakes | 20:30 – Dinner

Trips on the lakes

We leave on the trip on the lakes around the village Mila 23, on 2 trips of about 4 hours each, one in the morning and one in the evening. Depending on the Danube waters level as well as the fresh information we have about the places where large groups of birds feed, we will choose the best route every day.

If you want to have lunch, inform the guesthouse’s staff at breakfast in the morning. Also, if you want the lunch at Letea (for the next day), please inform the guide in this evening.

Day 3

Schedule of the day:

Sunrise trip – starts 30 minutes before sunrise | 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure on a trip to Letea | 12:30 – Trip to Letea Forest (by safari car + on foot) | 14:30 – Lunch (optional) | 20:30 – Dinner

The trip to Sunrise (optional)

The evening before the trip, the guide will inform you of the departure time for this trip. Depending on the month of your holiday, the sunrise time differs. The trip lasts about 2 hours. Considering that in the morning the weather is colder than during the day, please take a jacket with you.

Trip to Letea Forest

We go on a trip to Letea Forest and Letea Village. The trip to Letea is a day full of contrasts, starting on the water, we pass through the desert area of ​​the Letea Hill and reach the Letea Forest. With a route through the northern area of ​​the Danube Delta, very close to the pelicans colony Rosca Buhaiova, the largest colony of White Pelicans in the world, in the 2-2.5 hours until Letea we will explore a wild, spectacular area. From Letea Village we take a safari car and go to Letea Forest. There are about 7 km from the village to the forest, we travel by car then on foot about 20-30 minutes, on the route approved by ARBDD. We see the points of great interest, we walk through the fine sand then we return to the village and we can have lunch at a local, authentic house, where the hosts cook simple and traditional food. We also want you to see an alternative to Lipovan food, the “hahola” food (Ukrainian), which, although similar, has its particularities. After lunch we return to the boat and start to go back, over the lakes, towards Mila 23. We arrive at the boarding house around 19:00.

Lunch at the local household in Letea

You should know that this is not a restaurant and no other dishes can be ordered. Lunch is always based on fish caught in the morning of that day and it is composed of fish stock, baked fish and the famous donuts of Letea, as a dessert. The hosts have a very simple service system and can only offer complete menus. Only persons with reservation have access to the household. Payment for lunch is made directly to the hosts, in cash.

It is a long, demanding trip, so please have the minimum required equipment with you.

Day 4

Schedule of the day:

8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Embarkation for the transfer to Tulcea | 11:30 – Disembarkation in Tulcea, the end of the program.

Transfer to Tulcea

It is done, for the most part, on the same route as on arrival, with a higher speed than on trips. It is the last part of our program and we reserve, especially for this moment, some beautiful places that we want to show you on the way. We disembark at the same pontoon from which we left and we say goodbye.

If you are leaving Tulcea with public transport, we recommend you consider a reservation after 1 o’clock PM.

Accommodation in the Danube Delta, Mila 23

In the guesthouse of your choosing. You can choose from the 4 guesthouses sold exclusively via Discover Danube Delta:

The Fisherman’s House 3* (click on the link for details and photos)

Vanessa 3* (click on the link for details and photos)

The Dalmatian Pelican 3* (click on the link for details and photos)

Alexandru & Alexandra 3* (click on the link for details and photos)

Trips to the Danube Delta

Details about the trips included in this tour in the Danube Delta

Travel speed – Our travel speed is low, we are specialized in slow trips, intended for visiting the Danube Delta and not in speed transport. Our boats travel with an average speed of about 10 km/h, stopping at all points of interest for admiring and photographing the beautiful landscapes of the Delta.

What we see – All the time we will try to learn something about the places we travel through, about the birds and the flora of the Delta. Each season has its beauty, each area of ​​the Delta has a particular specificity that we will help you understand in order for you to see what makes the Delta so special.

The Boat for trips – The boat you will go to the Danube Delta, it is an open boat, equipped with bench seats with backrest and pillows for your highest comfort, with a very good stability and safety. Each person in the boat will receive a life jacket. The boats can be seen in the photos on the website and each group will be assigned a boat appropriate for the number of persons.

Group program – being a group offer means that the whole group goes with the same boat, at the same hours (hours in the program). Please be on board at scheduled times for both transfers and trips. Your boarding failure at the scheduled time means losing the day / stage of the trip or the transfer. In this case, the cost of the trip or the transfer is not refundable and we have no obligation to make available another boat. We can offer you another boat, depending on the availability of the day but you will pay separately from the cost of the tour package.

Personal equipment

  • Long pants and blouses with long sleeves to protect you from the sun
  • Sun hat (not cap)
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Hiking shoes

Please take these recommendations very seriously, the weather in the Danube Delta can be very moody and you may suffer if you are not well protected.

Equipment in the Danube Delta (click on the link) – In order to have no surprises at destination, please read our article on the blog.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation at the chosen guesthouse, in a double or single room (according to your request) for 3 nights
  • Half board (first day dinner, breakfast and dinner on days 2 and 3, last day breakfast)
  • 1 place in the boat trip on the lakes (one day, in 2 stages of 4 hours)
  • 1 place in the boat trip to Letea (one day)
  • 1 place in safari car for visiting the Letea forest
  • ENGLISH guidance (guide member of APGDD)
  • Boat transfers, Tulcea – Mila23 and return
  • Fees for visiting the Danube Delta imposed by the authorities (ARBDD).


  • Single supplement Euro 100 / person / stay at The Fisherman’s House
  • Single supplement Euro 90 / person / stay at Vanessa
  • Single supplement Euro 80 / person / stay at Alexandru & Alexandra
  • Single supplement Euro 80 / person / stay at The Dalmatian Pelican
  • Sunrise trip – Euro 25/ pers

The price does NOT include:

  • Beverages, other than water at the table
  • Lunch – Euro 17 / pers at The Fisherman’s House
  • Lunch – Euro 14 / pers, at the guesthouse Vanessa, The Dalmatian Pelican, Alexandru & Alexandra as well as at Letea (paid directly at the place where you have lunch)
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)

Children’s policy:

  • Children aged between 5-12 years pay 75% of the price of the package
  • Children over 12 years old are considered adults
  • The supervision of the children throughout the holiday rests exclusively with the parents.

* The minimum age for participation in this program is 5 years old (children born since 2015). Do not forget that the trips are long, the trip to Letea lasts the full day, we travel by boat, with a safari car and on foot. It can be too much for a small child, especially in the summer when it is very hot.

Booking request

Choose the period you want, from the table attached to the program, click on the number of places (the ones with the green flag), in the column of the chosen guesthouse and further complete the reservation request.

Before booking please read carefully the terms and conditions, the request for a reservation implies their acceptance.




+40 749 120 009

+40 759 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!


Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

Bookings are done based on a deposit of 20% of the total price of the program.

The rest of the payment have to be done 30 days before the tour start. If the tour is booked less then 30 days before departure, the full price will be paid.

Booking request form

Please fill the form below for a booking request. One of our agents will process your request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.