3 Fortresses - Enisala, Argamum, Histria - PRIVATE Day Trip to Dobrudja, by car

Three Fortresses in a Day
Enisala, Argamum and Histria
Discover the History
During the visits to the three fortreses
And the Spectacular Landscape
of Dobrudja

Dobruja – this mosaic of cultures and civilisations that left behind grandeur and inestimable values. It is spectacularly surrounded by waters, rich in fortresses and archaeological sites; it is adorned with gorges, mountains and hills; Dobruja is always the perfect choice for a trip.   

This one-day trip focuses on three of the most impressive fortresses of Dobruja: Enisala, Argamum, and Histria.

The price of this trip is the following:

EURO 300/trip

for groups of up to 6 persons (8-passenger minivan)

EURO 600/trip

for groups of up to 11 persons (12-passenger minivan)

The price is per trip (vehicle), it is in Euro (EUR) and it includes VAT.

The price is per trip (CAR).

The price includes

  • ENGLISH guidance
  • Car 
  • Car fuel for this route
  • Visiting of the three fortresses described in the schedule, including their entrance fees

The price does NOT include

  • Lunch at a local boarding house in Jurilovca or Lunca (you may choose between the menu of the day, a fixed-price menu or à la carte dishes).  

The time and place of departure will be established at least one day before the trip date. The fee is calculated for departures from the town Tulcea. Passengers that need to be taken from outside the town will be charged an extra fee.


We start our trip in the morning on a special road to Enisala fortress. We pass by the lagoon area Razelm – Sinoie, we admire from a distance Popina island and we visit Enisala fortress. We discover the ruins and we try to decipher a small part of the lives of people that lived on this territory. The tour guide will delight you with the local stories and also with the historical facts mentioned in the archives.    

The road continues to Argamum fortress, a permanent challenger of Histria for the title of the oldest settlement on Romanian territory. It was built on the shore of Razelm lake in a picturesque area and it will reveal to us the oldest Greek tomb in the Black Sea region.

At lunch time, we can take you to a local boarding house in Jurilovca or Lunca to have an authentic local lunch (optional). If you pack your own meal on the trip, we will make a stop for lunch.

Then we head to Histria fortress, which is an important ancient settlement, where you will visit the archaeological museum; this is where you will see many various bas-reliefs, an impressive collection of old amphorae and altars and last, but not least, a part of the marble façade of the temple of the great god.   

The road back to Tulcea is nicely bordered by hills, plains and walnut trees.

One can take this trip in any season.





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