Danube Delta Tour 5d/4n – Mila23 and Holbina, trips included – 2022 SHARED

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This tour offers the ideal tourist setting, revealing both the traditional deltaic village, Mila23 and the oasis of tranquility offered by Holbina 3 Bibani Resort. All the surrounding elements – nature with its mystical atmosphere, unpolluted air, fish dishes, living on the island surrounded by waters, ancestral customs and traditions – facilitate the preservation of the traditional Lipovan village, Mila23. On the other hand, the wild beauty of Holbina contributes to shaping a truly magical tourist location – a perfect harmony of man with nature!

Included: 4 nights accommodation, of which 2 nights in one of the best 3* locations in Mila23 and 2 nights in Holbina 3 Bibani, full board (all meals included), water transfers, 3 day trips with boats for tourism and the best guides in the Danube Delta.

Rates and availabilities for the 2022 season

For booking request, click on the number of seats (with a green dot) and fill in the form below.

We finished this program for 2022 season.

In November we’ll publish the program for 2023 season.

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The price in the table is per person, per tour, in euro (EUR) and includes VAT.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation 2 nights in Mila23 + 2 nights in Holbina;
  • Full board (starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day);
  • The trip to Letea, with safari car included, on day 2
  • The trip to Sfantu Gheorghe, on day 3
  • The trip to Holbina area on day 4
  • Boat transfers
  • Visitation fees of the Danube Delta (DDBRA).


  • Single supplement 185 euro/person/stay
  • Bucharest (Airport transfer) – for 1-6 persons – 250 euro/one way

The price does not include:

  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)
  • Beverages

Children’s policy

  • Children under 7 (6.99) are free of charge (sleep in the same room with parents)
  • Children 7-12 years old pay 75% of the rate
  • Children over the age of 12 are charged as adults
  • Supervision of the children during the program is the exclusive responsibility of the parents


Day 1: 15:30 – Meeting/boarding | 16:00 – Departure from Tulcea (by boat) |18:00 – Check in  18:30 – Dinner | 20:00 – Sunset trip

Meeting, boarding, parking

The departure for this holiday is from Port Tulcea Aval.  In order to complete the payments (if any) and to communicate regarding the boat you will go to Mila23, we will be waiting for you at our boarding point, at 15:30.

Transfer and accommodation at the guesthouse

The transfer to Mila23 is done on one of the most beautiful routes in the Danube Delta. The transfer lasts about 2 hours. Our guide will lead you to the pontoon of the guesthouse you will be staying in.

In the evening, the host will await you with a delicious dinner.

The Trip to Sunset

The trip lasts 1-2h, depending on the sunset time on each season. The boarding for the trips is made from the pontoon of the guesthouse where you are staying (the same one you disembarked before). Please come to the pontoon 10 minutes before the departure hour, to have enough time for boarding.

Day 2 – Sunrise trip – starts 30 minutes before sunrise | 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure on a trip to Letea | 12:30 – Trip to Letea Forest (by safari car + on foot) | 14:30 – Lunch | 20:30 – Dinner

The trip to Sunrise (optional)

The evening before the trip, the guide will inform you of the departure time for this trip. Depending on the month of your holiday, the sunrise time differs. The trip lasts about 2 hours. Considering that in the morning the weather is colder than during the day, please take a jacket with you.

Trip to Letea Forest

The trip to Letea Forest is a day of contrasts, starting on the water, pass through the desert area of the Letea Levee and reach the Letea Forest. With a route through the northern area of the Danube Delta, very close to the pelicans colony Rosca-Buhaiova, the largest colony of White Pelicans in the world, in the 2-2.5 hours until reach Letea village, explore an wild, spectacular area. From Letea Village take a safari car to Letea Forest. There are about 7 km from the village to the forest, travel by car then on foot about 20-30 minutes, on the route approved by the Danube Delta Administration. See the points of interest, walk through the fine sand then return to the village and you will have lunch at a local, authentic household, where the hosts cook simple and traditional food. We want you to see an alternative to Lipovan food, the “hohol” food (Ukrainian), which, although similar, has its particularities. After lunch return to the boat and go back, over the lakes, towards Mila23. Arrive at the guesthouse around 19:00.

Lunch at the local household in Letea

You should know this is not a restaurant and no other dishes can be ordered. Lunch is always based on fish and it is composed of first course (a traditional fish soup), second course (fish with potatoes in the oven) and the famous donuts of Letea, as a dessert.

It is a long, demanding trip, so please have the minimum required equipment with you.

Day 3: 8:30 – Breakfast 9:30 – Departure for the trip to Sfantu Gheorghe | 14:30 – Lunch | 20:30 – Dinner

After breakfast, the small adventure in the Danube Delta will be continued with a visit to Sfantu Gheorghe, a place that due to the wildness and frequent floods did not represent an interest for the frequent migrant populations and foreign dominions in whose hands it fell over time, being for a long time only a transit place for ships going down or upstream the Danube, on their way to the existing trade routes.
Visiting the beach is followed by a walk to the fishermen village and a lunch, whose star will be the famous “Storceag”, the sturgeon soup.
“The real Storceag is eaten only in one place in Romania – at Sf. Gheorghe – Danube Delta. It’s a mix of Ukrainian and Romanian cuisine, a slightly motley recipe – both continental and fishery – but light. Strong drinks are not associated with this light soup, but a small and good wine, from a good family, a fresh Sauvignon from the hills of Tulcea, white on the skin and more than fragile, young ”– as Radu Anton Roman said.
The tour continues to Holbina, a refined location, ideally located between Dunavatu de Jos and Lake Razim, which offers its visitors an area of more than 1200ha of protected nature, cared for with great passion.
Accommodation and dinner to Holbina Resort 3 Bibani.

Day 4: Half an hour before sunrise – Sunrise trip | 8:30 – Breakfast | 9:30 – Departure to the lakes trip | 13:30 – Lunch | 20:30 – Dinner

We kept for this magical place, Lake Razim (Razelm), the trip to sunrise, it is a spectacle difficult to describe in words so we really want to show it to you right from the lake (* except for windy days). After breakfast we embark again for a trip to the lakes around Holbina, wild areas unexplored due to the great distance from any village. After lunch you can choose between relaxing at the resort pool or exploring the eclouser by kayak (self-guide).

Day 5: 8:30 – Breakfast 9:30 – Transfer to Tulcea

The transfer to Tulcea is done by a fast boat (the distance is more than 100km on water). You will disembark in Tulcea around 12:00.


Shared Program

Being a SHARED program, this means the whole group goes with the same car / boat, at the same hours (hours detailed in the program). Please be on board at scheduled time for both.

Trips to the Danube Delta

What we see – All the time we will try to learn something about the places we travel through, about the birds and the flora of the Danube Delta. Each season has its beauty, each area of the Delta has something particular that we will help you understand in order for you to see what makes the Danube Delta so special.

Spring in the Danube Delta  |  Summer in the Danube Delta  |  Autumn in the Danube Delta


Bookings are based on a 50% deposit from the full payment of the program.

The remaining balance can be paid on arrival at our boarding point in cash or card (LEI/RON or EURO).


Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com

Phone: (Voice, SMS, WatsApp):

+40 757 894 456  |  +40 749 120 009

* For bookings or requests, we always prefer to communicate by email. Thank you!

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