Birdwatching to the Danube Delta - Shared Tour, 7d/6n, 2020


A new program, for 2020, 7days/6nights program, with 5 full days of birding to the Danube Delta, with an excellent guide and boat built for this purpose. You will reach all interesting places for birding in the Danube Delta.

What is included: Transfers on water from Tulcea to Mila23 and back, 6 nights of accommodation in a high rated 3* guesthouse in Mila23 Village, right in the middle of the Danube Delta, full board, a very good professional birdwatching guide, 5 days boat tours dedicated to birding, starting at sunrise.


Day 1 – Departure time from Tulcea, from Port Aval – Tulcea, is at 16:00. In order to complete the payments (if any) and to communicate regarding the boat with which you will go to Mila 23, we will be waiting for you at our boarding point, at 15:30. The cars can be parked in the Port yard, in a private parking, (the parking price is not included in the tour price).

From here we will head to Mila 23 Village. We will travel by boat, through one of the most beautiful parts on Danube Delta, searching for birds all the way, until we arrive in Mila 23 Village. Usually, the transfer takes 2-2,5  hours but, if we have many birds to see on the way, it may take longer. During the trip, we will have enough time to talk about the program for next day, details about boat rules, Danube Delta particularities.

You will be checked-in to a local 3* guesthouse (high rated). In the evening, the host will welcome you with a traditional dinner (if you have food restrictions, please let us know when you make the booking).

Day 2 – We start the morning trip, half an hour before sunrise. We search for birds on lakes and canals nearby Mila23 Village. We return for breakfast at about 8:00. After breakfast (8:30), we will go on a boat tour on the lakes (9:30). We will leave Mila 23 for the surrounding lakes on 2 tours, each about 4 hours long, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (last 4 hours of light). Depending on the Danube’s water level and on updated information on where large groups of birds are feeding, we will choose the best route each day.

At 13:30, we will return at the guesthouse, to have lunch, relax for a few moments, then 4 hours before sunset, we will leave on a different route. When we get back (after sunset), you will have a traditional dinner, based on fresh fish.

Day 3 – On this day, we will also have the morning tour before sunrise and come back at 8:00. After breakfast (8:30), we will depart on water (9:30). We will visit Letea Forest and Letea Village. On the route to Letea we will cross many good places for birding, also the forest and the sand island are rich in birds, different from the previous day. We will travel to Letea Village by boat and from there, we will travel to Letea Forest by car. We will have lunch in a very beautiful local household where our hosts will cook us a great meal. Around 16:00 we will head back to Mila23, also on a nice route, to search for more birds. The return at the guesthouse will be before sunset.

Day 4 – This day will start also with a morning tour before sunrise and come back at 8:00. After breakfast (8:30), we will go on a trip to Caraorman Village (9:30). We go downstream on the Old Danube to Crisan, on Sulina canal, to Caraorman Village, on the route we will see many places with birds, especially waders and water birds. We visit the most important sights, we make a stop at Birds’ Sanctuary and we take a walk on the sand, to discover more birds.

Day 5 – This day, the start is early, as usual, before sunrise, with breakfast to go. The destination is Sulina, if the waves on the sea are not too big, the target is an island, a place for nesting of Pallas’s Gull and other gulls and terns. The return is in the afternoon and we will let you some time for rest, after a long day.

The lunch will be taken in Sulina at a local restaurant.

Day 6 – For this day, the departure is at sunrise, breakfast to go and the destination is Sfantu Gheorghe Village with the only lagoon in Romania. The route till there and also the village are very reach in birds.

The lunch will be taken in Sfantu Gheorghe at a local restaurant.

Day 7 – Breakfast will be served at 8:30 then at 9:30 we will head back to Tulcea, following the same route we took on day 1. We will reach Tulcea around 12:00, where we will end our tour.

*This is a PROPOSAL schedule. The order of the day trips will be decided based on the availability of our partners (e.g. car to Letea forest). You will have all the trips described above but not necessarily in this order.

Birdwatching tours

The most important thing for us, when we decide the route, is to know your birds wish list. Please see the birds check list of Dobruja and the Danube Delta and tell us the species you want to see most of all. Please download the list from here: Birds list of Dobruja and the Danube Delta.

The price of this tour is:

1100 euro/pers

The price is per person (accommodation in a double room), per tour, it’s in euro (EUR) and include VAT.

Data for this program in 2020:

7 Sep - 13 Sep
Fully booked


  • Single supplement – 200 euro/room/program
  • Bucharest (including Airport) transfers – 150 euro/car/one way for 3 seats car; 250 euro/car/one way for 7 seats car.

Included in this price:

  • Accommodation at 3* guesthouse, in a double room, for 6 nights
  • Full board (dinner on the first day, breakfast, lunch and dinner for days 2,3,4,5 and 6, breakfast on day 7)
  • ENGLISH guidance – guide member of APGDD (during the tour – 5 full day trips, by boat, for birding, starting at sunrise and the transfers)
  • The transfers on water from Tulcea to Mila23 and back
  • Fees for visiting the Danube Delta

The price does not include:

  • Beverages, other than water
  • Insurance of any kind (travel, goods, etc.)

Children policy:

  • Minimum age to participate is 12
  • Children over 12 years are considerated adults
  • Responsibility of children’s supervision during trips belong to parents
  • All children will wear life jackets during boat trips

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