• [Adventure] Danube Delta Kayak Tour - PRIVATE

For groups of kayakers, we can organize adventure kayak tours to the Danube Delta. This tour is a very adventure one, you have to carry in your kayak everything you need (luggage, food, water). It is a tour for strong people :-).

[Adventure] = A program of total adventure, you'll sleep in your own tent and everyone is carrying his own luggage. We'll give you the kayak, the guide, all our know how about Danube Delta and we pick up the kayaks back from the final point.

The price of this program is:

No of persons


2 days paddling


3 days paddling


4 days paddling


5 days paddling


6 days paddling

2-3 150 200



4-5 130 180


270 320
6-7 110 160


260 310
8-9 100 150


250 300
+10 90 140


240 290

The price is per PERSON, it's in euro (EUR) and include VAT.

Because it a PRIVATE TOUR we do not join more people to form a group but the price in the table is per number of persons in your group. We organize the tour for each group.

The price includes:

  • Renting a kayak place during this tour (please tell us if you want single or double kayak).
  • Instructor (guide) will go in a single kayak.
  • Visitors fee to the Danube Delta.

Child Policy in Kayak

  • Children up to 14 years will participate together with a adult (1 child / 1 adult)
  • Children up to14 years will only go in a double kayak with an adult.
  • Supervision of children during the tour lies with the adult in whose care is
  • Only children over 14 can get a single kayak
  • All children will wear life jackets as long as they are in the kayak, no matter how good swimmers they are.


Airport transfer:

We can do the transfers from Bucharest or Constanta (also Airports) to Tulcea and back.

Route No of persons

1 to 3


4 to 7

(8+1 Van)

8 to 19


Bucharest - Tulcea 200 300 500
Constanta - Tulcea 100 125 350

The price is in EURO, per ONE WAY, per CAR (NOT per person).

* NOT included in the package price!

** For other places of pick up, please request a price.

The program (example of a 4days/3nights kayak tour)

Day 1 - Meeting at Tulcea (at 12:00) to Port Aval - Tulcea, put kayaks on the water, load luggage, sign the papers and start on the water.

We paddle downstream on the Danube to Mila36 channel and from there we go throught the marshland, NOT on the Danube: Garla Sireasa to Cot Candura (intersection with Sontea). We paddle slowly, we have enough time. May occasionally stop to stretch our legs and on the evening already looking for a good place to camp, do not want to make muscle soreness from the first day :-). We set the tents tents and then we cook.

There will be a long halfday paddling, we try to not get muscle soreness or corns, if we have beginners, we put more emphasis on the development of rowing technique, we have a very good instructor who will show us all you need to know.

Day 2 - Around 7:00 am waking up. We continue our way to Mila 23 going on channels as devious as low traveled by motor boats, which we likely to see as much of the savagery of these places.

We stop for lunch in a picturesque place.

In the evening we camp near the village Mila 23, on a high and good for camping place. In Mila23 are shops so you can buy fresh food and drinks.

Day 3 - Wake up at 7:00, eat the breakfast then put kayaks on the water and start on the channels again. We have to reach Crisan Village today. We paddle on a very nice route again, an lakes and channels. We'll stop at noon for lunch in a good place. In the evening, in Crisan, you can buy again what you need from the village.

The tour is ending in the afternoon of this day. Our transport boat will pick-up the kayaks. Guiding is also finishing now.

Day 4 - This day is dedicated only to transfer back to Tulcea.

You can depart by public ferry (6:30 from Mila23; 7:00 from Sulina; 7:20 from Crisan)

Or by speed private boats. You can request infos from guide for this boats.

Depending by the number of days you choose, the tours are:

3 days / 2 nights - Tulcea - Mila23

4 days / 3 nights - Tulcea - Crisan

5 days / 4 nights - Tulcea - Crisan (via Matita)

6 days / 5 nights - Tulcea - Sulina (via Letea)

7 days / 6 nights - Tulcea - Sulina (via Stipoc - Matita - Letea)

Please have you:

  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad
  • Seasonal clothing - absolutely sun hat, long sleeve blouses, warm clothes for the evening / morning. Necessarily thin waterproof clothing.
  • Sun Protection Solutions
  • Reppelent solutions
  • You can take hydration solutions, energizing juices (NOT RedBull but athlete variants) and sweets for energy during the day.
  • Waterproof protection for mobile and photo equipment
  • Waterproof bags or barrels for clothing and equipment

Please take serious personal equipment, in the night on the marshland, nobody will come to bring you what you are missing.


It's like into the mountains, you take only what si really neccesary, nothing more. The space is kayak is limited so you have to pack very compact.


Email: contact@descoperadeltadunarii.ro   | Phone: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 740 357 073


Bookings are made on the basis of a deposit of 20% of the package price. The price difference will be paid to the hostel on arrival.

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

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[Adventure] Danube Delta Kayak Tour - PRIVATE

from 90 euro/pers

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