7 Reasons to Choose the Danube Delta in 2020

In this season, to travel in crowded areas isn’t the greatest idea. The best options for travelling are open spaces, natural environments with a low population density.

A good choice for a trip will be to join us, to Discover Danube Delta in Mila23, because:

1. We organize tours and day trips for  small groups only (maximum 12 persons per boat including the guide);

2. Our collaborating guesthouses has only 7-8 rooms, each;

3. Mila23 village has a limited number of inhabitants (approximate 300);

4. Our boats are open (perfect opportunity to breathe only fresh air);

5. Dobrudja and Danube Delta are the warmer areas in Romania;

6. The 550.000 hectares of vegetation and water offers fresh air, far away from the pollution factors;

7. Most of the dishes offered in our programs are based on fish and contain GARLIC :-).

As mentioned above, our collaborating guesthouses has only 7-8 rooms each (14-16 places in each house), the places are limited so we recommend you to make the bookings early.