3 days Pike Fishing in the Danube Delta, at Holbina – 3 Bibani


We meet your requests with a special offer; 3 days of pike fishing in the Danube Delta, at Holbina – 3 Bibani, from Monday to Wednesday, at a promotional price. Holbina fishing area is the place where any pike fisherman dreams to fish at least once.

4 editions of the Pike Fishing World Cup “Pike Challenge” took place in the Holbina – 3 Bibani fishing area. Here you have the opportunity to fish on the best populated enclosure with pike over 1 meter, to look for the capital specimens on 1200 ha from lakes, meadows and canals.

Catch & Release only!

Holbina – 3 Bibani – (click on the link for details) is the ideal place for pike fishing if you want to catch large specimens. It is the ideal place to bring your child to fish in nature, in adventure.

The promotional offer is valid from Monday to Wednesday during the period June – December 2020, for teams of 2 fishermen.

The price for this program is:

320 euro/person – price valid for 2 fishermen in the boat and in the room.

Dates and availability for the 2020 season:

3 Aug - 5 Aug
No more places available
10 Aug - 12 Aug
No more places available
17 Aug - 19 Aug
No more places available
24 Aug - 26 Aug
320 Eur
31 Aug - 2 Sep
320 Eur
7 Sep - 9 Sep
320 Eur
14 Sep - 16 Sep
320 Eur
21 Sep - 23 Sep
320 Eur
28 Sep - 30 Sep
320 Eur
5 Oct - 7 Oct
320 Eur
12 Oct - 14 Oct
320 Eur
19 Oct - 21 Oct
320 Eur
26 Oct - 28 Oct
320 Eur
2 Nov - 4 Nov
320 Eur
9 Nov - 11 Nov
320 Eur
16 Nov - 18 Nov
320 Eur
23 Nov - 25 Nov
320 Eur
30 Nov - 2 Dec
320 Eur
7 Dec - 9 Dec
320 Eur
14 Dec - 16 Dec
320 Eur

The price includes:

  • Boat transfer from Dunavatul de Jos to Holbina (and back);
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in a double room;
  • Full board: breackfast, lunch and dinner (menu of the day system);
  • 3 days fishing from the boat (2 fishermen +boat driver), fuel included;
  • Car parking in Dunavatul de Jos.

Not included in the price:

  • Equipment/lures for fishing;
  • Drinks at the bar.

Children Policy:

  • Children under 14 years old have gratuity (they sleep in the same room with their parents, they are accompanied by an adult at fishing;
  • Children over 14 years old are considered as an adult (they will pay the full price).


When you make the booking or one day before the tour, let us know the time for the boat transfer from Dunavatul de Jos (the parking next to the guesthouse Califar).

At the appointed time you will be taken by one of the boats of Holbina – 3 Bibani complex and transferred to at the resort. The transfer takes about 1 hour.

Once you arrive at the resort, you will be accommodated and then assigned a fishing boat. You have at your disposal 1200 ha of waters well-populated with pike. The boats are driven by experienced drivers who know the area well and will take you to the most productive places.

In the evening on your return, you will be greeted with a fish dinner. If you do not eat fish or have other culinary preferences, please announce this in the morning on arrival.

You can start the day at any time you want, just let the staff know about it the night before.

You have included the 3 meals of the day. For breakfast and/or lunch you can choose between dining in the restaurant or take away. In summer, a lunch break is really welcome.

As on the previous day, let the staff know about your fishing departure time and how you prefer to have your meals, in the restaurant or take away.

For the transfer the last departure time is 5 p.m. You have a full day for fishing. If you want the transfer earlier, it can be done at any time, if it is announced the day before.

Participation in this fishing program is done only with the acceptance of the fishing regulations of the Holbina – 3 Bibani resort.

Bookings are based on full payment of the program.

Booking request form

Click on available number of place in the table (with green dot) and fill up the form. Our agents will process the request and answer to you (usually in less then 24h). Please check also the SPAM folder for our email.

Payments can be done by bank transfer, PayPal or any kind of Card, through EuPlatesc (iPay) system.

Meeting and boarding

The embarkation and disembarkation of passengers for this program is done from the village of Dunavatu de Jos, from the parking lot near the Califar pension (where the asphalt on DJ229L ends).

The parking is done in the same place.

Fishing boats are very spacious, 7m long.2-3 people fish easily from these boats.

Each boat is equipped with a classic engine (gasoline), electric motor and a big landing net to use when catching large pike, to avoid injuring them.

Personal equipment

  • Fishing equipment (rods, reels, lures)
  • Long pants and blouses with long sleeves to protect you from the sun
  • Sun hat (not cap)
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Hiking shoes

Please take these recommendations very seriously, the weather in the Danube Delta can be very capricious and you may suffer if you are not well protected.



Phone (Voice, Text, WatsApp):

+40749120009 |  +40742070779