• Rent a kayak in Danube Delta - Tulcea, Mila23 and Crisan

To enjoy the quiet ot wilderness Danube Delta we propose you kayaks tours on wild channels, small lakes where motor boats do not have access or even the Black Sea beach.

We offer for rent only the best quality boats manufactured by prestigious companies. Standard accessories that are rented with boats are life jackets and paddles. One for a person kayaks and two for double kayaks.

We have paddles and life jackes for kids! When you make the booking please specify the atll and weight of the kid.

Kayaks rental

Single kayaks for rent

This are not sport kayaks, narrow and unstable but touring kayaks, wider and very stable, anyone can go with it without problems.

1. Kayak Prijon Cruiser (1 person)

It is a german kayak made from high density plastic, highly maneuverable, stable and durable. Reputation of this kayak comes from very high comfort that it offers. Doubled guard chair for seating, adjustable backrest, luggage place, generous leg space and a large cockpit (this model is very suitable for tall people or “big guys”) make it very appreciated by those who paddle all day. Kayak body is divided into three compartments by walls of foam, provide a large enough air to make it unsinkable.

Technical data:

  • Length: 430 cm
  • Width: 68 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Volume: 405L
  • Capacity: 140 kg
  • Cockpit: 110 cm

2. Kayak Prion Touryak

The Touryak is currently setting standards for the allround touring kayaks. Very good tracking, a stable position on the water and a spacious cockpit convey at all times the feeling of being on top of things. Voluminous and water-tight separations compartments for luggage.

Technical data:

  • Length 470 cm
  • Width 63 cm
  • Weight 27 kg
  • Volume 440 l
  • Capacity 150 kg
  • Cockpit 92 cm

Double Kayaks for rent

Kayak double (2 persons) Prijon Cruiser 2

Two people on the water, in a safe boat with a lot of room. With the CRUISER II you can paddle safely and without any problems across the water. You are going to enjoy it!

The Cruiser 2 is easy to maneuver and have good tracking qualities. The very large hatch facilitates easy in and out and gives you a freedom feeling when sitting. Due to the large, sealed-off storage compartment in the rear and the hard foam core at the front, the Cruisers are almost unsinkable. 110 l partitioned storage space.

Price for renting kayaks in Danube Delta:

Period (days) SINGLE Kayaks DOUBLE Kayaks
Price/day Price/period Price/day (euro) Price/period
1 day 23 23 40 40
2 days 20 40 35 70
3 days 18 54 32 96
4 days 16 64 28 112
5 days 14 70 25 125
6 days 13 78 23 138
7 days 12 84 22 154
8 days 11 88 20 160
9 days 10 90 18 162
+ 10 days 9 9 X no of days 16 16 X no of days

ALL prices are in EURO

These prices are valid for launching on water to Tulcea or Mila 23.

We can supply the kayaks to other starting points, for an additional fee (1-8 boats): Murighiol, Somova - 50 euro (one way)

We can also pick up the kayaks at the ends of your journey, so you can return with a standard transportation.

Taking back kayaks (our boats, rented from us)

Tulcea, Mila 23, Crisan - FREE!

For other locations please see the prices:

Location 1-4 kayaks from 5 kayaks
Maliuc 40 60
Sulina 100 150
Caraorman 80 120
Sf Gheorghe 200 300
Periprava 200 300
Letea 200 300

The price is in Euro and include VAT

The price of the kayak renting include:

  • The kayak
  • Paddles - 1 for single kayak - 2 for double kayak
  • Life jacket 1 or 2 depending by the number of pers in the boat



Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com   | Phone: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 740 357 073


Please use the form below (“Request a booking” green button).

You are welcome to the Danube Delta!


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Rent a kayak in Danube Delta - Tulcea, Mila23 and Crisan

from 9 euro/day

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