• Rent a canoe in Danube Delta - Tulcea, Mila 23, Crisan

Want to see Delta as it is? Wild, mysterious, quiet, full of life? Come with us on a canoe trip and you''ll get to know a Delta as only few knows it and can see it.

We have canoes for rent only the highest quality, manufactured by the best companies. Standard accessories that are rented with boats are life jackets and paddles. 2 X paddles; 2 X life jacket for double canoes, 3 X life jacket for triple.

We have life jackes for kids! When you make the booking please specify the atll and weight of the kid.

Rent a canoe

What we are renting, are touring canoes. Classic canoe, much wider than the sports, with bottom shape optimized for high stability, with comfortable seating for each rower seated.

Anyone can paddle in a touring canoe!

Double canoe (two people)

1. Danube Delta Canoe (2 person)
Are remarkably stable canoe, built specifically for Danube Delta, equiped with 2 benches. Basically it's a canoe designed for a team (pair) with enough space for luggage, camping (sleeping bag, tent, luggage). Benches are impermeable so as if filled with water, the canoe will float. It is made of five layers of fiberglass for good security. It is highly maneuverable and you will surely fall in love with this model from day one.


  • Length: 450 cm
  • Width: 99 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Capacity: 250 kg

Triple Canoe (3 people or 2 people + large space for luggage)

2. Riviera RTM Canoe (2-3 person)
A very solid canoe, high-density plastic, with 3 benches. Very generous luggage space makes it very suitable for a tour with all the camping equipment. High resistance of the material makes it very safe for use in harsh conditions, including branches, banks, dragged over sand, reed or beach.


  • Length: 464 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Capacity: 260 kg

Grid prices for renting canoes:

No of days Price/day (EUR) Price/period
1 day 34 34
2 days 27 54
3 days 23 69
4 days 21 84
5 days 19 95
6 days 16 96
7 days 15 105
8 days 14 112
9 days 13 117
+ 10 days 12 no of days X 12

Prices are in EURO and include VAT.

Picking up canoes in Tulcea, Mila 23 or Crisan is FREE!

These prices are for launch on water in Tulcea, Mila 23 or Crisan. We can deliver / pickup canoes anywhere in the Danube Delta, for an additional fee.

Canoe transport from endpoint to Tulcea (our canoes only):

Location 1-4 canoe from 5 canoe
Maliuc 40 60
Murighiol 50 50
Sulina 100 150
Caraorman 80 120
Sf Gheorghe 200 300
Periprava 200 300
Letea 200 300

Prices are in EURO and include VAT

For canoe tours we strongly recommend waterproof accessories, good insurance for your property that may be affected by water.



Email: contact@discoverdanubedelta.com   | Phone: +40 763 869 400  |  +40 740 357 073


Please use the form below (“Request a booking” green button).

You are welcome to the Danube Delta!


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Rent a canoe in Danube Delta - Tulcea, Mila 23, Crisan

from 12 euro/day

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